The Best Accessories for your Amazon Echo Spot

Many of our homes are transitioning into smart homes with app-controlled light bulbs, App controlled doorbells, smart wall plugs, smart thermostats, smart locks and now smart speakers. The Amazon-owned brands “Amazon Echo” with several variations with Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Spot. With an upgrade from the Amazon Echo Dot, the Spot offers a screen to enhance your Smart Home experience and allows you to ask for music, alarms to be set, current news affairs and much more. We have compiled the best Amazon Echo Spot accessories to make your smart tech even better…

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What to Take to University – Must-Have Accessories

What to Take to University

University semester one is approaching fast and you most probably have boxes of plates, pans and locks for your cupboard at the ready. While many warnings are given for looking after your passport or getting plenty of linen, you may be wondering what to take to university such as technology you need to take with you to make your studying much easier. From one previous university student to you, we all know the quicker you study, the quicker you can get out to student nights out! I have collected the best school/ university accessories you will ever need!

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The Best Google Home Mini Accessories 2021

Smart products in our new and improved smart homes have increased the ease of living than ever before. From listening to music to getting cooking instructions, there is so much technology to find information without even touching our phones. This is shown with the small but mighty Google Home Mini. They are staples in everybody’s homes but shockingly there are ways to improve them even more. We are here to show you the best Google Home Mini Accessories to buy in 2021…

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