Privacy screen protectors are sensible solutions in today’s GDPR landscape

As you may have noticed from the deluge of emails in your mail box, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into force tomorrow. The idea behind the law is to force companies to better protect user data, and ensure that it is only kept when it is in the user’s best interest. However, what about sensitive data in other locations — your filing cabinet, your computer, even your phone? Well, we can’t help with the first two, but we do have something to make your phone safer: privacy screen protectors.

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iPhone SE (2018) leaks reveal new design, smaller size

The iPhone SE was released in spring 2016, after months of rumours and speculation. Two years have come and gone, but the increasing pitch of recent scuttlebutt suggests that a successor is on the horizon: the iPhone SE 2, or are our sources are calling it, the iPhone SE (2018).

In this article, we’ll show you leaked photos and diagrams that seem to confirm the existence of the next-generation iPhone SE (2018), as well as a brief analysis of what these images tell us about Apple’s next compact smartphone!

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