Best USB-C hubs with 4K HDMI, Ethernet, SD cards & more

USB-C is a huge upgrade over traditional USB, but it is messy. Before, you got laptops that had one of every connection you needed, and now you’re left with just one or two USB-C ports (and some full-sized USB if you’re lucky).

USB-C Multiport Hubs are a nice way to get those missing ports back, but choosing the right one is a challenge. That’s why I’ve broken down our most popular USB-C Hubs into five simple categories, based on the ports they have. We’ll start with the simplest hubs and slowly move up to the most feature-filled options. Let’s begin!

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Best iPad Chargers and everything else you need to know about iPad charging

Although it’s thin, the iPad is a much bigger device than the iPhone and it consumes a whole lot more power. That means you need a correspondingly larger charger if you want to recharge them in a reasonable amount of time. Here are the best iPad chargers on the market, and everything else you need to know about iPad charging!

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Remix OS is how Android on the PC is supposed to work

Want to run Android on your PC or laptop? Your only option used to be developer project Android-x86 or an emulator like BlueStacks, but now there’s also Remix OS. It builds on the work done by the Android-x86 project, but adds a much more polished user interface, complete with desktop standards like desktop icons, a taskbar, start menu and running apps in windows. It’s an amazing upgrade compared to past versions of Android on PC, so take a look!

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