Samsung Tab S8 – It’s finally here

The Samsung Tab S8 series has finally been launched and these Samsung tablets are all about being powerful and sleek. The latest mega leak pretty much revealed much of the information on the Samsung Tab S8 series and what was expected, and Samsung simply met these expectations.

We are loving what Samsung has done with the Samsung Tab S8 series and we can’t wait to discuss the details of each model. We’ll let you know below what went down in the Samsung Unpacked Event and what the event revealed about the latest Samsung Tab S8 series.


Samsung Tab S8 standard model

Samsung Tab S8 series


Standard or not, the Samsung Tab S8 is everything one needs to boost creativity and productivity in their day to day lives. As expected the Samsung Tab S8 standard model has an 11 inch LTPS TFT display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

This Samsung Tab S8 model offers users with a 8 or 12GB RAM and 128 or 256GB of storage which is expandable. With this amount of storage you’ll certainly be able to store all your amazing ideas in the Tab S8. The Samsung Tab S8 standard model also features a side mounted fingerprint sensor which is featured as a component inside the power button.

No need to worry about weak connectivity as the Samsung Tab S8 series are going to be the first Samsung tablets to support Wi-Fi 6E, so connectivity issues won’t even be a thing.

With a battery capacity of 8,000mAh you’ll never run out of battery while working or gaming on your tablet. The Tab S8 will start from the price of $699 and you can pre-order now!


Samsung Tab S8+



Samsung Tab S8

The bigger the better, with the Samsung Tab S8+ you can only expect better. As revealed through the Samsung unpacked event the Samsung Tab S8+ will have a 12.4inch Amoled display that has a resolution of 2800×1752 and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Price wise the Samsung Tab S8+ will have a starting price of $899.This sleek tab S8+ features a fingerprint sensor in the display of the tablet.

As for battery size and capacity the Tab S8+ will provide users with a battery capacity of 10,090mAh. This amount of battery capacity will allow you to create your masterpiece presentation or artwork without worrying about charging your battery continuously. Play and work wherever you go with ease!


Samsung Tab S8 Ultra 


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8


The largest and most powerful Samsung Tab yet, the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra is seriously the perfect tab to immerse yourself in a world of gaming and art. With a much larger Super AMOLED display of 14.6 inches you’ll be able to get those stunning graphics and view everything in a bigger frame. Bring your work to life with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra which has 6.3mm bezels making it the slimmest and largest Tab in the Samsung Tab series. With a refresh rate of 120Hz you’ll be able to load your screen and get things done much faster!

The Samsung Tab S8 Ultra offers users with a 16GB ram and upto 1TB of expandable storage, so that you can be able to store all your work, games and images without having to delete an app or your memories. The Samsung Tab S8 Ultra offers users a seamless and premium tablet experience with its many new features and apps such as LumaFusion.

Samsung partnering with LumaFusion has allowed the Tab S8 series to have the amazing Lumafusion app which is a professional video editing app in order for users to be able to professionally edit their videos and clips.

Clip studio paint users can reveal their inner artist by being able to connect their Samsung smartphone to the tablet. By doing this you’ll be able to use your phone as a palette, the S-pen as your paintbrush and your Tab S8 Ultra as your canvas. You’ll simply be able to create your artistic visions easily!

The Tab S8 Ultra will offer a battery capacity of 11,200mAh which is the highest capacity a Samsung Tab has had, making it even more powerful.  The Price of the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra is $1,099 and you can pre-order your Tab S8 ultra now.


Similarities between all Tab S8 models


Each of the Samsung Tab S8 models feature an ultra wide lens, 4k front and rear video recording capability, a 3 way microphone and intelligent auto-framing which will allow users to stay connected with their family and loved ones without having any issues with video quality.

All Samsung Tab S8 models will also support 45W super fast charging. These Tab S8 models have a snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip set and a 4 nanometers processor which will mean your Tab S8 will be powerful as ever!

The Tab S8 models will have a new armor aluminium construction making the Tab S8 models 40% less susceptible to bending as compared to other Tab S series.

Overall, the Samsung Tab S8 series offers users with a device that enables one to open their mind upto the many ways of being creative and being able to put your ideas and thoughts out in a much easier way. With the Samsung Tab S8 series you’ll be able to kick your creativity and productivity up to a NEW level. A bigger picture means immersive gaming and easier multi-tasking!

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