Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Rumours, Specs & More

With a handful of rumours going around about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, our excitement is just doubling. Could the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 be one of the latest and best android tablets on the Market? As one of the competitors to the Apple iPads, Samsung really will be outdoing their previous tab models such as the S7 and S7+ with the new Tab S8 series.

samsung Galaxy tab S8


The Samsung Tab S7 and S7+ arrived in August 2020 and the Samsung Tab S6 and S6+ arrived in August 2019. Rumours have claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 would also be arriving in August of 2021. However, this rumour was ruled out as months passed on from August.

Many rumours have been circulating that Samsung may launch the new Samsung S8 Tab early 2022 with the launch of its latest Samsung S22 smartphones.


The previously launched Samsung Tab S6 and S7 models were in the price range of £200 to £600. So, with the many rumoured upgrades to the Tab S8 models, the price will certainly be a bit higher for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series.

What specs can you expect from the Samsung Tab S8 series?

In accordance to rumours that have been leaked, the 3 different tab S8 models will come with a ram of 8GB. The amount of storage varies for each of the S8 Tab models. It is claimed by some of the rumours that the Tab S8 and S8+ will hold a storage space of 128-256GB, Whilst, the Tab S8 ultra model will offer a storage amount of up to 512GB.


Tab S8 battery



What sort of battery size is expected from the Tab S8 series?

An account on twitter named Ice Universe has leaked that the Tab S8 may come with a 10,090mAh battery size. However, the ultra Tab S8 model will come with possibly a higher battery size which will give other android tab customers a run for their money!

The Tab S7 and S7+ consists of a 8,000mAh battery size. So, if this new tab S8 model does offer an increased battery size people will definitely want to go for it. Competitors in the android Tab market such as Amazon and Lenovos recent Tabs will need to up their game to compete against the Tab S8.

The Amazon Fire 10 HD has a battery size of 6,3000mAh and the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 has a battery size of 10,000mAh, which obviously shows that the new Tab S8 will be ahead in battery size for tablets in the android market.


Display, Display, Display…



Tab S8 display

Source: Techradar


Now we’re all wondering what about the display? The Display is one of the features of a tab that we all need to know about.

The samsung Tab S8 will come in number of series ranging from the Ultra model which is possibly going to have a huge 14.6 inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The second Tab S8 model within the series is reported to have a 12.4 inch OLED screen size with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The smallest S8 Tab model which may also come at a cheaper price than the Ultra model will have an 11 inch LTPS TFT display with also a 120Hz refresh rate.

Twitter user On Leaks stated in one of his tweets that the Samsung Tab S8 ultra will have 360° video, Stunning 5K renders and dimensions. So, if this is reported to be true, the Tab S8 will be one of the latest android Tablets you’re going to want to look out for.



What about the Camera?

Another feature to talk about is the Tab S8 camera pixels. Unsure as we are, the camera megapixels of the Tab S8 series is uncertain too. However, it has been said that the Tab S8 series cameras will all have dual rear cameras and 13 megapixel and 5 megapixel snappers. The Tab S8 ultra being the ‘ULTRA’ model will surely offer an increased amount of megapixels.

All in all, as of yet these specifications are not confirmed, but we certainly expect the most from the new Samsung Tab S8 series.

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