The best Samsung wireless chargers for Android & iPhone

When it comes to wireless charging, there’s one company that makes some of the best around. I’m talking about Samsung, who have made a range of wireless charging pads from premium to budget models. Here are three of our favourite Samsung wireless chargersĀ for you to consider.

Note: These wireless chargers are suitable for all phones that support Qi wireless charging, including Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Samsung’s S8 and Note 8 and their predecessors, LG’s G6 and V30 smartphones and their predecessors, and many other phones from other manufacturers.

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How to theme your Samsung Galaxy phone with Substratum

Substratum is a popular new app for changing the look of Android, but until now it’s only been available for a small number of devices running custom ROMs. Last week though, the developers of substratum app announced that their theme engine now works on Samsung Galaxy smartphones… and it doesn’t require root privileges, making it incredibly simple to install. If you want to give your phone a new splash of paint, check out our guide to get started!

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How to install a Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector


Fitting a Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector may feel like a daunting task at first, especially when you see all of the pieces of kit you’ll need to use in order to do so. However from our own personal experiences, we can safely say that the process is relatively straight forward and can be completed correctly by anyone, no matter your experience level with fitting screen protectors.

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