What devices do the Apple AirTags support?


Apple has finally released its long-awaited Bluetooth tracker; the AirTag. Designed to work with Apple’s own ‘Find My’ app, the coin-sized tracker is capable of helping you keep track of your belongings including keys, luggage, wallet or purse, AirPods and much more. What devices are compatible with the Apple AirTag? Apple states that iPhones, iPads […]

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How To Add Wireless Charging to the Samsung Galaxy A72/A72 5G


As with the entire A Series of handsets for 2021, Samsung have decided against including them with wireless charging from factory, however don’t be disheartened by this as we’ve found a quick, easy and cost effect way to the Galaxy A72 5G and Galaxy A72. 1. Wireless Charging Adapters Available for £14.99 / $16.99 This […]

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