Official Samsung S9 / S9 Plus Screen Protector Install and Review

Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Screen Protector

Manufactured by Samsung, these Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Protectors will help to keep your phone in top condition by protecting the display from everyday scuffs and scratch damage. With this pack of two screen protectors you can enjoy peace of mind for longer! If one of your screen protectors gets damaged (highly unlikely!) then […]

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How to share your Android phone’s screen to your PC or laptop

When you’re sitting at a PC, it’s annoying to have to pick up your phone to reply to a text message, check an app or respond to incoming notifications. However, there’s an easy way to see your smartphone’s screen on your PC, letting you check and use your smartphone without having to touch it. It’s called Samsung SideSync, and this little-known app is a real hidden gem. Let’s take a look.

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