Samsung Galaxy S20 Accessories to be Delayed due to Wuhan Coronavirus

Galaxy Unpacked 2020

Why the delays?

With Samsung’s Unpacked event a little under two weeks away, things are hotting up for the release of the Galaxy S20 series, however it seems the widely reported Wuhan Coronavirus and the subsequent extension of the Chinese New Year holiday by the Chinese government will have some interesting consequences for Samsung’s upcoming smartphones and their potential owners.

MobileFun have already started receiving emails from a variety of brands and suppliers detailing delays that could make it very difficult for early S20 adopters to purchase cases, screen protectors and other device specific accessories at launch.

With the majority of phone cases and glass screen protectors manufactured in China, including the extremely popular, Samsung partnered Whitestone Dome, owners of the new S20 phones will likely have to wait in order provide their phone with enhanced protection.

With factories in total shutdown due to Chinese New Year and extensions already applied, with longer extensions a real possibility. This unforeseen set of events will significantly derail the precise timings China factories run on during such busy launch periods, not to mention the extra checks during transit which are inevitable for goods travelling from China into western regions. This all combines to make it extremely difficult for brands such as Whitestone to secure large quantities of stock in order to meet high global demand around the S20 launch and will likely leave S20 owners hunting around for alternatives.

Wrapping Up

Our advice, if you see the accessory you’ll want for your new phone in stock, then act now and secure it to avoid being disappointed. Stock will most certainly be in limited supply around the S20 launch period for a lot of brands and could even prompt Samsung to push back the release date if they run into similar problems with their own set of official accessories, although unlikely as the majority of their accessories are manufactured in Korea and other regions outside of China.

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