Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus / S20 Ultra Case Comparison

We reached out to our contacts in China who’ve kindly sent us the first look Samsung Galaxy S20 replicas used by factories for case testing. This coupled with our friends at Olixar who’ve sent us some initial cases for all three of the upcoming Samsung handsets, reveal some interesting insights into the soon to be released devices.

We’ve tested the replica units sent to us with the Olixar cases, which are already in mass production and available for sale here. All three devices fit perfectly with the cases provided, with all ports lining-up correctly as seen in the video below.

This helps to conclude that the replica units are genuine and produced at the correct dimensions, with the correct camera, button and port layouts. We’ve detailed the dimensions and screen sizes from our replica Samsung Galaxy S20 handsets below.

Screen Size and Dimensions

Our replica units help to confirm the widely reported screen sizes of the new flagship Samsung devices, with the S20 Ultra packing a massive 6.9 inch display, while the S20 Plus features a 6.7 inch screen, leaving the S20 with a still respectable 6.3 inch display.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Size

S20 Ultra Dimensions:

  • Height – 166mm
  • Width – 76mm
  • Depth – 8.9mm

S20 Plus Dimensions:

  • Height – 161mm
  • Width – 69mm
  • Depth – 7.7mm

S20 Dimensions:

  • Height – 151mm
  • Width – 73mm
  • Depth – 7.7mm

What Cameras can we expect?

The replica S20 devices sent to use reveal that the camera modules will vary in size, with the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra coming with increased amounts of lenses and sensors. The S20 module measures in at 34mm x 17mm x 1mm, while the S20 Plus’ module increases in size at 35mm x 21mm x 1mm and finally the S20 Ultra comes in at 45mm x 30mm x 2mm.

Regardless of which device you choose, these camera modules dominate the back of the handset and the larger they get the more they intrude on the phone’s design. While they are big, we did find that they didn’t interfere with the in-hand feel which has been a concern with the size of the S20 Ultra’s module.

In terms of the camera line-up, the dummy units can’t tell us what types of camera’s will be seen with these new devices, but they do give away the amount of camera’s we can expect on each device. We can see clearly the the Samsung S20 will likely come with 3 distinct cameras, with the S20 Plus supplied with 4 and the S20 Ultra coming packed with 4 also, but likely with extra sensors for improved image quality.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Layout

Button Layout and Port Openings

The three replicas and the cases shipped to us by Olixar reveal a consistent layout across all of Samsung’s latest handsets, with the new models coming with the now standard USB-C charging port, speaker and microphone openings. Gone however is the 3.5mm auxiliary port, so S20 users will have to make do with an adapter if they want to continue using wired head and earphones.

Another noticeable absence is seen on the phone’s side, with the left hand-side now completely free from buttons after the removal of the bixby button, leaving just two buttons on the right hand-side for volume and power control.

Button Layout Sasmung Galaxy S20

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed this early look at the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra. If you have any questions or opinions about these new phones please comment below, as we love reading what you have to say on this hot topic.

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