Keep cool with this nifty mobile fan

Olixar Pocketbreeze Mini Smartphone Fan - Blue

It’s hot out there. If you’re struggling to keep cool, why not harness the power of your smartphone with a sweet fan? That’s exactly the idea behind the Olixar Pocketbreeze, which plugs into the Lightning port of your iPhone to super convenient cooling. Take a look!

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The Pocketbreeze boasts a highly efficient design with larger blades than you’d expect, allowing it to keep you cool while using minimal power. Using it is easy too — just plug it in and it starts spinning, remove it and it stops. This is a great choice for taking selfies, as it will keep you cool and comfortable instead of warm and sweaty.

It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones too, thanks the inclusion of MicroUSB and Lightning functionality — sorry, USB-C phone owners. It’s also quite harmless as well, thanks to a soft rubberised coating that keeps the blades firmly in the ‘non-lethal’ camp.

Olixar Pocketbreeze Mini Smartphone Fan - Orange

There’s only one problem with the Pocketbreeze for iPhone 7 owners… it’s so good that you’ll be even more gutted that Apple removed the headphone jack! Now you’ll have headphones, adapters and charging all competing for the same port. Ah well — this is the price of progress, apparently.

The Pocketbreeze from Olixar is available now and is currently 30% off at just £6.99. Find more information and order your own in three colours — black, orange or blue — via the link below!

Shop for the Olixar Pocketbreeze now >

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