Getting cheaper car insurance is easy — install a dash cam

The camera doesn’t lie. They’ve been a great way to prove your innocence in road accidents for a long time, thanks to their constant video recording — and now they can lower your insurance rates too. Here’s what you need to know.

What are dash cams?

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Dash cameras are specialised video cameras, which connect to your car’s electrical system and are automatically turned on when the engine starts. They’re often placed on the dashboard or windscreen, where they can record a view of the front of the car without obscuring your vision or causing a distraction. There are also dash cameras for the rear window.

As well as recording video footage — often in HD quality — these cameras can also include microphones, GPS sensors and motion sensors, allowing them to offer a complete picture of any road accidents. Videos and other data are stored on Micro SD cards, with road accidents and other important moments being automatically or manually saved for later use.

Dash cameras have been used by the police as early as 1939, and they became widespread in the 80s and 90s as video cameras became smaller and better able to capture high quality video and sound. Nowadays, dash cameras can fit in the palm of your hand, and are capable of recording 720p, 1080p or even 4K video.

Because dash cameras are an independent witness, they’re particularly valuable when finding who is at fault for a traffic accident. There are thousands of videos already online showing the shocking situations that motorists find themselves in on the regular — it’s no surprise then, that dash camera sales grew by 395% in the UK last year.

Why offer discounts for dash cam users?

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Dash cameras allow insurers and the police to see road incidents from a fixed perspective, exactly as they appeared. They’re more reliable than eye-witness testimony, and can record details like license plates which are difficult to remember in the heat of the moment. When it comes to proving you’re not at fault in a motoring accident, they’re an absolute godsend. With the rise of ‘crash-for-cash’ claims and distracted drivers on their smartphones, dash cams are on way where technology is making driving a little safer.

A Swiftcover spokesman put it like this:

“We believe that by using a dashcam and being able to accurately and quickly establish who was at fault, we will save money. Therefore motorists will significantly benefit from lower premiums and more responsible driving.”

Which insurers offer discounts?


These providers currently offer discounts for dash cameras*:

  • Swiftcover — 10% off
  • AXA — 10% off
  • Adrian Flux —  up to 15% off
  • RAC offer — £30 off (one-time)

Most of these insurers have only started their dashcam discount policy within the past couple of years, and we expect more providers to announce their own discounts in order to stay competitive and encourage motorists to drive carefully.

*Discounts correct at time of publishing

Do I need to use a specific dash camera?

Ultimately, the discount depends on your insurance provider.

Swiftcover and AXA don’t discriminate, providing the discount regardless of the model you’re using.

Conversely, Adrian Flux limit their discount to only a short list of popular models, including the RoadHawk DC-2 and the Cobra CDR840. The RAC go even further, requiring you to buy a dash camera from their own store (the cheapest of which is £60, meaning you’ll be down £30 after the one-time discount).

What dash cams do you have?


We offer a full range of dash cams, from low-cost models to extremely advanced cameras with better video quality, extra sensors and clever features. Here are some of our favourites:

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Wrapping up

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