Samsung Websites Accidentally Confirm Galaxy S20 Naming

Samsung Reveal S20 Naming

Unknowingly Samsung have revealed the naming for their upcoming hero smartphones by listing support and pre-launch product pages for their upcoming compatible accessories. These web pages currently live across Samsung Germany and Belgium confirm suspected naming conventions for the Galaxy S20 and the S20+, with the S20 Ultra remaining a mystery for now.

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Case makers reveal their prepared iPhone 7 cases and covers

The expected announcement of the next iPhone is now only six weeks away, and case makers are working overtime to get their new designs completed. A case manufacturer provided these designs to us, and they’re a nice way to get a feel of what features they’re banking will appear in September. While it’s unlikely that the makers of these particular cases have any unique information about what’s to come, it’s still a good barometer of the industry’s expectations for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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