The best iPhone X screen protector is the Olixar EasyFit

Today we’re having a look at the¬†Olixar iPhone X EasyFit Full Cover Glass Screen Protector. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it gives you a good indication of what you’re dealing with — a glass screen protector for the iPhone X that’s easy to install yet delivers full protection. Let’s take a closer look!


The EasyFit is designed to be easier to install than other screen protectors. Use the wipes provided to clean and dry your phone’s screen, then use the dust-free cloth to make sure nothing gets trapped under the screen protector.

From here, you can put the installation guide around your iPhone X — this is a plastic surround for your iPhone that ensures the screen protector is going down in the right position.

After this is in place and you do one final dust removal sweep, it’s time to install the screen protector itself. With the guide in place it’s really hard to screw this up! Just reveal the sticky side of the protector, and place it directly onto the iPhone X’s screen, aligning the cutouts with the FaceID first and then adhering the rest of the protector once you’re happy. Push out any air bubbles towards the bottom, and you’re done!


Once the EasyFit is in place, you’ll struggle to see it’s even there! The precise installation process and removal of any air bubbles or dust should make for a perfect application and therefore an immaculate look. The screen protector doesn’t hamper the touchscreen or optical clarity, protecting the iPhone X’s screen without sacrificing its best qualities.

If the EasyFit is ever seriously scratched or shatters, then you’ll find it’s easy to remove it and install the next one. You get two screen protectors in the pack for the price of one, so your iPhone X will never have to risk going bare ever again!

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The Olixar EasyFit screen protector is the best glass screen protector available for the iPhone X. You can pick up your double pack and learn more via the link below.

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