Top 5 Samsung Galaxy A5 cases – December 2016


The Galaxy A5 (2016) continues to be a popular budget option this holiday season. If you’re looking for some cases and covers for it, you’re in the right place. Here are five of our top-rated Galaxy A5 cases!

n.b. These cases are for the 2016 model of the Galaxy A5, and won’t fit the 2015 model of the phone. Check out Galaxy A5 (2015) cases here! If you’re not sure which model you have, read our guide to identifying your Galaxy A-series model. Thanks!

Matchnine Match1 Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Case - White

5. Matchnine Match1 Case

We begin with one of our most popular cases, the Matchnine Match1. This case has a sleek yet simple design, with a durable polycarbonate construction. This lightweight material provides good protection against light drops and scratches, while adding minimal bulk. The case is also available in a range of colours, including the white shown above, black and rose gold. Like the other cases on this list, it also fits the A5 perfectly.

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Official Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Clear Cover Case - Gold

4. Samsung Clear Cover Case

Samsung’s official Clear Cover case is a great choice, offering improved protection and a transparent design that allows you to keep the original look and feel of your phone without leaving it unprotected. The case includes a metallic bumper with raised corners, which help to take the brunt of any impact, and give the case a more stylish appearance.

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Active Leather-Style Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 View Case - Black

3. Active Leather-Style View Case

The unique selling point of this leather-style case is its unique plastic window, which allows you to use the phone without opening the cover. You can see who is calling, and even answer the call right then and there by swiping on the plastic. As well as calls, the View Case is ideal for seeing incoming notifications, skipping tracks in your media player and checking the time. The case also comes with an integrated stand function, which is super helpful for watching videos or keeping an eye on incoming notifications.

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Olixar Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Leather Style Wallet Case - Black / Tan

2. Olixar Leather Style Wallet Case

Our silver medallist this time around is the Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case. This case provides everything you could want in a folio-style case, including a beautiful-feeling synthetic leather construction, a quartet of slots for your cash and cards, a magnetic clasp fastener and beautiful stitching. It does it all, while maintaining that classic leather look that’s been in fashion for generations.

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Rearth Ringke Fusion Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Case - Rose Gold

1. Rearth Ringke Fusion

The Rearth Ringke Fusion is our winner today, thanks to its combination of protection, style and transparency. The case has a hybrid design in order to provide better protection without adding bulk, with a crystal clear back panel that shows off the colour of your phone beneath. It’s a great design, and it’s available in Rose Gold or Crystal View colourways. Choose your favourite, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with your choice!

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What do you think of our selection? Let us know in the comments below, or write to us on Twitter @mobilefun. Thanks for your attention, and have a good day!