The ultimate Apple Pencil alternative: the Adonit Pixel for iPad & iPhone

The Apple Pencil is one of the best-rated styluses of all time, but it’s expensive and only available for the even-more-expensive iPad Pro. That’s led Adonit to announce the Pixel, a precision stylus for the iPad and iPhone that offers the same level of fine accuracy at a lower price point and with wider compatibility.

It all starts with the pressure sensitive tip, which has been redesigned for unparalleled accuracy. It measures just 1.9mm in thickness, helping with drawing fine details and writing in a compact script. There are 2048 levels of sensitivity, allowing you to draw fine or heavy strokes as you like. Where most styluses feel like crayons or chalk on the iPad, the Pixel feels like a high-end pen, capable of natural writing and drawing. It looks the part too, with a sleek aluminium body.

The software side of things has also seen improvement. There’s better palm rejection technology, ensuring you can rest your hand naturally while writing. There’s also a shortcut button on the side, allowing to rapidly undo, erase or perform other common functions. Finally, there’s a specialised grip sensor that automatically turns the stylus on when you pick it up.

The Adonit Pixel is compatible with 18 Apple devices, including all of the latest iPad and iPhone models; the Apple Pencil is only available for the iPad Pro 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch. The Pixel is also compatible with a large number of apps, letting you do drawings, sketches, note-taking and other artistic or professional pursuits.

The Adonit Pixel Precision stylus is available soon at Mobile Fun. For more information, including the latest price and availability data, please check out the link below.

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