First Samsung Galaxy Note 7 case arrives at Mobile Fun

Last week we revealed the first Samsung Galaxy Note 7 case renders from Olixar, after receiving images of their NovaShield range. Today, we’ve gone one better with our first Note 7 case arriving in the Mobile Fun office. We put the case up against a Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 5 to see how the new device will compare.


The S7 Edge fit inside the case with some wiggle room both vertically and horizontally, while the Note 5 wouldn’t quite squeeze in either way. From my highly unscientific judgement of the gaps present (I didn’t have a ruler handy), I’d expect to see a Note 7 with dimensions of around 152.5mm x 75mm and similar thickness to both the Note 5 and S7 Edge (7.6mm).

20160708_163938_a  20160708_164052_a

The volume and power buttons, and the bottom cut-outs look to be almost identically placed to the S7 Edge with the addition of a gap on the bottom right of the case, this will be for the S-Pen slot. Flipping the case over you’ll find the camera and flash cut outs in the usual place too.




So there we have it, our first hands on look at an accessory for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We’ll be adding to our range of cases and covers for the Note 7 right up until the official release and beyond. Will you be buying the new phone? Let us know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “First Samsung Galaxy Note 7 case arrives at Mobile Fun

  1. It took everyone by surprise, that’s for sure. Great one, but what a thing to get wrong. Hopefully Samsung learns from this and takes their time with future models; they’ve nailed hardware and software, so they have a good chance if the public still trusts them.

  2. What are your thoughts as to how the Note7 situation turned out? If anyone had told me back in early August that I would have had two Note7s and by mid-December that I’d be Note-less I would have scoffed. As it is I sent my second Note7 to the collection depot in Texas over a month ago. It probably is no longer in existence. My second Note7 performed better than the first one. In the brief period of ownership the second Note7 never even became warm and the software experience was smoother and more fluid. Best wishes.

  3. I appreciate the affirmation. I appreciate the article too in seeing the accessory before there’s even a device!

  4. Thank you for your prompt and personal response. I hate to rush through the summer but I’d like to get my hands on the Note 7 before August 14th when my vacation starts. I was ‘guessing’ about five weeks. Thanks again.

  5. The reveal is rumored for August 2nd. When will the Note 7 be available to purchase? Thank you.

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