Introducing One Scream, the app you hope you’ll never need to use

Not every app on the marketplace is fun and games.


The concept

A scream is a universally recognised primal sound that humans make when in distress to call for help. One Scream is a mobile app that recognises genuine panic screams and immediately dials 999 (or region equivalent). The app then provides your location and personal details to local authority, potentially saving you from life threatening situations.


Origin and motivation

The app was conceived in 2007, when co-founders Uta de Veer and Lane Clements Mclean suffered narrow escapes from violent attacks.

“One of our first conversations was a reiteration of the mugging and the feelings of helplessness and fear that both attempts left behind. It feels great to turn something dark from our own past into a force for good for others!”

– Lane Clements Mclean


How does it work?

While One Scream is running in the background of your phone it will continuously listen for high pitched human sounds. The app will then detect if these sounds are spoken words or actual cries for help. If the app hears two consecutive screams in a row it will automatically dial the emergency services. When the alarm is activated, the phone will vibrate and create a loud siren.

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