Microsoft announces luxury Signature Type Cover for Surface Pro


Microsoft unveiled its latest Surface Pro accessory today: the Signature Type Cover. This new edition is functionally identical to the existing Type Cover for the Pro 4, but boasts an elegant design using high-end materials sourced entirely from Italy.

The Signature Type Cover is made from a luxurious Italian fabric called Alcantara, which is normally used by headphone manufacturers. The material is described as “a beauty to hold and behold” in Microsoft’s video spot, with Microsoft executives offering breathless praise in a delivery style that’ll be familiar to anyone that’s watched an Apple commercial featuring Jony Ive. Meanwhile, Engadget describes it as feeling “a little like suede.”


The high-end fabric keyboard cover will be available in a two-tone ‘mélange’, which will become darker over the course of its life. It’ll work on the Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4, and has the same dimensions and (nearly the same) weight as the original Type Cover.

The Signature Type Cover will cost $160 in the US, $30 more than the regular Type Cover and the same price as the Fingerprint ID Type Cover. UK prices have yet to be announced, but should be around £135.


What do you think of the Type Cover? Personally, I’m more excited for the prospect of Apple-style commercials for the upcoming Surface Phone. Now that could be just what Microsoft needs to let Windows Phone survive!

Source: Microsoft Store (US) | Via: Engadget, The Verge