Krusell announce range of iPhone 6 cases

The iPhone 6 is still some months or even weeks from being announced, but that hasn’t stopped case manufacturers from using leaked and secret information to create iPhone 6 cases. Today Krusell have announced a range of iPhone 6 cases, in three lines: Kalmar Flip Wallet, Kalmar Wallet and Malmo FlipCover. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Krusell Kalmar Flip Wallet Case (Black, Brown)

Krusell Kalmar iPhone 6 Flip Wallet Case - Black    Krusell Kalmar iPhone 6 Flip Wallet Case - Brown

First up is the Flip Wallet, which comes in the popular folio form factor and is made from a combination of genuine leather and soft microfibre. The case includes a horizontal flip cover that includes four pockets for storing your cash and cards. A magnetic closure system ensures the case stays closed, keeping your iPhone’s screen protected at all times.

Krusell Kalmar Wallet Case (Black, Brown)

Krusell Kalmar Sony Xperia Z1 Wallet Case - Black    Krusell Kalmar Sony Xperia Z1 Wallet Case - Brown

The Kalmar Wallet is a little less orthodox. On one side it’s a traditional vertical flip cover, while on the back you get space for your cash, cards and ID like a traditional wallet. However, it’s still made of the same high quality genuine leather with a soft microfibre lining. If you’re looking for a wallet replacement, the Krusell Kalmar Wallet is a great choice.

Krusell Malmo FlipCover Case (Black, Blue, White)

Krusell Malmo FlipCover iPhone 6 Case - Black    Krusell Malmo FlipCover iPhone 6 Case - Blue

The Malmo FlipCover is our final case. It opens horizontally, like the Flip Wallet, but is made from synthetic materials instead of leather. The case is a little more stiff, which allows it to gain a new ability: the flip cover can be folded back to serve as a media stand, keeping your phone at a convenient angle in landscape mode so you can keep an eye on incoming notifications, watch videos or play games.


Thanks for checking out the cases on show today! We’ll have many more iPhone 6 covers in the weeks and months ahead, so stay tuned. You can let us know what you think of the cases in the comments below.