Top 5 Qi Wireless Charging Pads

Wireless charging is really hitting its stride, with more phones and accessories appearing all the time. Today we’re going to have a look at five of the best Qi wireless charging pads on the market. If you want to know more about how wireless charging works, check out our Guide to Wireless Charging.

5. Adata Elite CE700 Qi Wireless Charging Stand

Samsung Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Case and Stand    Samsung Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Case and Stand

ADATA are well known for their line of dependable hard drives and accessories, but they’re also dipping their toes in the emerging wireless charging market. Their first Qi wireless charging pad has a cool folding design, allowing for both stand and pad modes.

4. Trident Qi Wireless Charging Cup Holder

ASUS Premium Cover for Nexus 7 2 - White    ASUS Premium Cover for Nexus 7 2 - White

The Trident Qi Cup Holder is a novel idea, transforming the cupholders found in pretty much every car into a safe space for your charging smartphone. The Cup Holder works as well on a desk as in cars, too. A secondary USB port means that you can charge other devices even if they don’t have Qi wireless charging capabilities.

3. Qi Wireless Charger (with EU plug)

Qi Wireless Charger With EU Plug - White/Black    Qi Wireless Charger With EU Plug - White/Black

This is the least expensive wireless charging pad on Mobile Fun at the moment. It comes with a European plug, but you can easily use it with any existing UK AC adapter. The pad is simple but effective, with a no-frills monochrome design.

2. Qi-Tone Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker with Qi Charging

Qi-Tone Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker - Dark Wood    Qi-Tone Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker - Dark Wood

This all-in-one device combines a Bluetooth speaker, an alarm clock, a temperature sensor and – yes – a wireless charger. It’s an ideal bedside companion, wirelessly charging your phone while you sleep. The speakers inside are surprisingly loud, and the LED display is nicely visible at night without being too bright.

1. Tylt Vu Qu Wireless Charging Stand

TYLT VU Qi Wireless Charger - Black    TYLT VU Qi Wireless Charger - Black

The Tylt is definitely the most stylish Qi wireless charger on the market, with an elegant slim design that really stands out. You phone will sit at a comfortable angle on the charger, allowing you to see incoming notifications or watch a film while you’re charging. A premium Qi wireless charger for the style-conscious connoisseur.


What do you think of our suggestions? Let us know in the comments below, and remember to check out our full range of Qi wireless chargers here. Thanks for reading and have a good one!