Nokia MD-12 Bluetooth speaker boasts big sound, small size

Nokia MD-12 Bluetooth Mini Speaker - Yellow

Nokia have always impressed with their effervescent and colourful accessories, and this week they’ve announced a new set of tiny Bluetooth speakers. Called the Nokia MD-12, these speakers come in four bright colours and look to provide a good mixture of sonic performance and portability.

The Nokia MD-12 produces a loud sound for its size, with surprisingly deep bass. This is achieved through bass effect technonlogy, allowing the phone to use the resonance of any surface it is set upon.

The speakers have good battery life as well, clocking in at around 15 hours. Those are some impressive numbers compared to other portable Bluetooth speakers, which often last only around 10 hours or so. The battery is rechargeable too, so it’s always easy to keep the tunes flowing.

The pocket-size speaker is nicely portable, perfect for taking with you as you travel or just move around the house. The wireless design, using Bluetooth, allows for a high-quality yet convenient signal. Pairing is achieved instantly through NFC – just tap the speaker to your NFC-enabled phone to immediately set up a connection between the two.

Nokia MD-12 Bluetooth Mini Speaker - Yellow

The MD-12 also comes with a built-in microphone, so it’s possible to take calls on the speaker while it’s connected to your smartphone. This is great for conference calls and video calls too.

The MD-12 is a smart little speaker, stylishly bright and conveniently capable.

For more information on the Nokia MD-12, check out the product page in the colour of your choice below:

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