HTC One M8 2014 UK price announced, now available for pre-order

We’re happy to announce that the highly anticipated HTC One 2014 will be coming soon to Mobile Fun. We are the first in the UK to announce a sim-free price for the phone, which will be £579. The phone is available for pre-order now, so click to visit the HTC One M8 2014 sim-free product page or read on for more info.

The killer feature: a new dual-camera imaging system

The HTC One 2014, aka “the all new One” and “HTC M8”, looks to be an evolution of the One that launched last year. The biggest new feature is the addition of a second rear camera, mounted above the original. It’s thought that one sensor would be a 4-megapixel sensor (mirroring that of the Ultrapixel branded camera in last year’s One), while the other would be a 2-megapixel unit.

This second camera could provide a number of advantages, including the ability to refocus shots after they’ve been taken. Raw image quality would also go up, with the second sensor allowing imaging data to be combined and noise removed. If the new camera system works as intended, it could be a big leap forward for mobile image quality without the bulk that Nokia’s 41 megapixels sensor demands.

Hardware and software upgrades

The rest of the phone will some smaller upgrades as well. We’d expect a Snapdragon 800 processor, a larger 5-inch screen at 1080p and 2 GB of RAM. Android 4.4.2 is expected to ship with the phone, along with a new version of HTC Sense, version 6.0.

The One 2014 will be the first HTC phone to come with on-screen buttons, rather than the capacitive options it has used in the past. This change reduces manufacturing costs, and allows the buttons to be re-positioned as the phone’s orientation changes. With the new full-screen modes introduced in Android 4, it’s also easy for these buttons to be hidden in full-screen apps to maximise the available screen space.


The One 2014 will go up against the Sony Xperia Z2 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. While each of its competitors include new features (like the Z2’s improved display and the S5’s waterproofing and heart-rate monitor), the One 2014 looks to have the most substantive changes. HTC badly need to have a successful flagship, and the One 2014 looks like a pretty good attempt at this. However, both of its biggest competitors have a higher marketing budget, and it will be difficult for the One 2014 to out-perform either model at retail without absolutely nailing the design.


The HTC One 2014 is less than a month away from being announced – and it looks like it could be the Android enthusiast’s phone of choice for the year to come.

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