Official HTC 8S accessories coming to Mobile Fun

Hey, are there any Windows Phone 8S by HTC users out there? We’ve got some well deserved news for you!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve begun stocking an official HTC 8S case – the C820, also known as the Double Dip Hard Shell. The case’s tough polycarbonate construction should provide considerable protection from both impact damage – accidental drops and knocks –  as well as more commonplace scratches, wear and tear.

Each case sold includes two bottom pieces – one in blue, one in white. This allows you to switch up the look of your phone. The case also includes cutouts in all of the right places, ensuring that you’ll retain full use of your phone while the case is in place.

This is a perfectly designed solution for the phone – exactly what you’d expect from a first party HTC case.

We also have one more HTC 8S accessory on the way – an official HTC screen protector twin pack. This official accessory will allow you to ensure that your phone’s screen remains scratch-free, as well as making it harder for fingerprints to appear and reducing screen glare. If you are interested in this HTC screen protector pack, I’d encourage you to register your interest on the product page linked below.

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