First Look At the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra around the corner we thought we’d share our dummy devices with you and tell you our thoughts on the new S22 lineup.

Although we are 99% sure these are the final designs for the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, we still don’t have official confirmation, we will only really know on release day.

So with that out the way, let’s dive in and have a look at the devices and what we think.

As you can see the S22 is a fair bit smaller than the rest of the devices, and the S22 Ultra is still that bit bigger than the S22 Plus. If you are someone that struggles with large phones then the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is probably not your best bet.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus are very similar in design from the S21 and S21 Plus, however the camera bump seems to be a little thicker. This leads me to think that the Samsung Galaxy S22 is going to get a massive internal overhaul.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a different story altogether, it has moved more towards the Note lineup in terms of design and looks, the cameras are laid out in a similar fashion however, rather than them sat on top of a large camera bump the rest of the back of the phone seems to be higher to flatten it off almost.

I personally really like the look of it, the curved rear and front glass sections make it really nice to hold in the hands, but because the top and bottom of the phone are cut off it feels secure in your hands which is great!

I think Samsung have come a long way in terms of design since the first Ultra a few years back, they even added S-Pen support for the S21 Ultra last year. This years Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra not only takes design cues from the Note series but now will also store the S-Pen.

This is perfect in my eyes as the S-Pen is only really useful if you have it with you all the time, and I think the effort of carrying one around makes it a lot more cumbersome.

Overall I think we are about to see more about the internals on the release day rather than the design as the changes are not necessarily revolutionary.

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