The Best Dashboard Car Phone Holders

Upgrading your car can be an expensive task for interior and exterior products. A simple but extremely effective accessory that enhances your driving experience plus allows your car to look the part is a car phone mount. For directions on new road trips and or taking hands-free calls, there are many different types of car phone holders to suit every car. Here we are listing the best dashboard mounts for your smartphone to buy in 2021…

1. Olixar TriMount Windscreen, Dashboard & Vent Smartphone Car Phone Mount (Multiple Options!)

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Our favourite dashboard car mounts in 2021 is Olixar’s Windscreen, Dashboard & Vent Smartphone Car phone mount, allowing for multiple options depending on your car and where you prefer your phone. You can choose nearly any surface in your vehicle from your dashboard, air vents and the windscreen with detachable heads to suit the area of choice. It is very easy to use, with a sturdy lock on any surface you choose, keeping your smartphone safe.

Use your smartphone with this car phone mount to get Sat navigation to find your way or as a dashcam to catch any incidents on the road. It fits all models of smartphones, regardless of the model or size, even if you have a bulky phone case on it.

2. 15W Wireless Charging Windscreen & Dash Car Holder (Charge and Drive!)

Choose between your windscreen or dashboard to mount your phone in your car for all of your journeys with the 15W Wireless Charging Windscreen & Dash Car Holder! Save yourself the messy charging cables in your vehicle and charge your smartphone wirelessly to never run out of juice. Place your phone in portrait or landscape mode to see the way you wish to. It is a sleek design to fit the cool look of your car.

The car phone mount allows for devices up to 110mm wide, suiting all types of smartphone devices, even in bulky phone cases. It has overheat protection for your smartphone with airflow bumps and vents to keep your device cool when using it.

3. Dock & Go Universal Windscreen and Dashboard Car Holder (Grab and Go!)

For those who like a quick getaway out of their car, the Dock & Go Windscreen and Dashboard Car Holder is the perfect purchase for you. A super easy setup for any novice to car phone mounts, being the ultimate car accessory, even for new drivers. You can use one hand to mount your phone in and out of the holder, to get where you need to go much quicker. You can get 360-degree viewing, of the driver or passenger.

This Car phone mount works with any vehicle on multiple surfaces that are flat, particularly your dashboard. It works with most smartphones and is phone case compatible to ensure you do not have to change your phone or remove its phone case.

4. Magnetic Windscreen & Dash Mount Universal Car Holder (Magnetic for Ease)

Do you want a magnetic mount that gives you a technological advantage? The Magnetic Windscreen & Dash Mount Car Holder is the perfect purchase for you! It is a quick and easy installation with a very strong hold for your device. A simple magnet will allow you to connect your phone to the car phone mount in seconds, so you don’t have to mess around with it. It works with any vehicle on any flat surface.

The magnetic car holder allows you to use it with or without a phone case, opening the use with many different smartphones. With the Olixar magnet and car holder, you can use other Olixars magnetic products and magnetic phone holders.

Wrapping Up

We hoped you enjoyed our Blog on the Best Dashboard Car Phone Holders 2021 that you need! If you want to know more about any of the products mentioned in this blog or to see even more products available, please click here!

Alternatively, check out our video below on some of the amazing car phone holders!

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