Google Pixel 6 Best Cases & Features

Last night Google officially launched the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro. In this article we are going to brush over the main features of this phone and then show you some case you can get right now!

Tensor Chip

So lets start with what powers the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the Tensor chip. This is Google’s first in house chip and they’ve said it’s 80% faster than the Pixel 5. It means that Google could focus the chip on what they want to achieve with the phone, so its got custom image processor built in, machine learning, more secure, and should help the battery last longer.


The camera system on the Google Pixel 6 is improved with new hardware too. With larger sensors that let in 150% more light, the night shots are about to get even better. But pair this with the new processor you can now remove unwanted objects from the background with ease.

They also mentioned that even if you get a bury photo due to too much movement they can make it sharp so you don’t miss anything.

Lastly they also partnered with Snapchat so you can double tap the back of your phone and access the snapchat camera straight away, you will need to unlock the phone before actually sending it but at least you wont miss the shot.


Smarter Battery

Google have addressed battery concerns of the last few Google Pixels with an adaptive battery, in theory this should prioritise power for you most used apps. I’m not 100% sure how it works but if it does its thing in the background you shouldn’t notice.

Stronger than ever

The Pixel 6 is built with Gorilla Glass with up to twice as much scratch resistance than previous Pixel’s. Then with IP68 water resistance you wont have to worry if you phone gets dusty or wet.

Although the phone is tougher than it used to be you are still going to want a case for your Google Pixel 6. That’s why we have collated the best cases for your Google Pixel 6, and below are our favourites.

Let’s start with Olixar’s Ultra-Thin clear case for the Google Pixel 6. The reason I’ve picked this one out is mainly because its clear and you still get to see the amazing colours of the Pixel 6 that you’ve bought.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Google Pixel 6 Case - 100% Clear

Next we have this Ghostek Exec 4 for the Google Pixel 6, it not only adds a layer of protection for your new device but also adds a wallet. I think this is hand if you only carry a few cards around with you.

Ghostek Exec 4 Google Pixel 6 Genuine Leather Wallet Case - Black

Now if you aren’t a fan of the colours that Google have release you can always grab a silicone case. This one from Olixar is available in four colours and certainly gives the phone a different look.

Olixar Google Pixel 6 Soft Silicone Case - Purple

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the new Pixel phone. For more Google Pixel 6 Cases head over to Mobile Fun.

Mark Holmes

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