One Month To Go: Nintendo Switch OLED

Who is excited for the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED? Only one more month to go before the launch on the 8th October 2021.

While you wait you might still be weighing up some options, like…

  • Is it worth the upgrade from the original Switch?
  • How much more improved is the OLED compared to the Nintendo Switch?
  • Will it provide a more enhanced gaming experience?
  • Is it worth the money?

These are the questions (& more) we’re all dying to know and with time creeping closer to the launch, it’s time to get a rundown of the developments that Nintendo Switch OLED brings
to the table.

How does the resolution of the OLED fare against the Nintendo Switch?

Great question, right? To be honest, this is one we had all thought/ hoped would have been answered very differently. Let’s see why.

Despite having the upgrade of a 7″ screen from the original 6.2″, which allows for a thinner bezel, the Nintendo Switch OLED’s screen resolution has not been increased. Still holding a 720p in its handheld form & 1080p when docked into the TV.

However the screen is an OLED display rather than an LED. This *fingers crossed* means that the colour quality will be majorly improved; enhancing colour brightness as well as bringing a better colour range to the screen.

Any differences with the controllers & the docking station?

The controllers are still available in the classic neon blue/red, or if you’re in the market for a more subtle, minimal feel, Nintendo is also offering a white colour schemed joy-con. Aside from this colour aesthetic change, the controllers have not changed and stay the same as the original Switch controllers in design and size. (It’s thought that third party controllers, Pro/Switch and others will be compatible with the new Nintendo Switch OLED). 

Again with the minimal white aesthetic, the docking station is looking fresher with some rounded edges to set off the smoothness of the Switch OLED look (and if you are a fan of the previous colour scheme, it still available in original black too).

The most notable difference for the OLED docking station is that it now includes an ethernet/LAN port, giving you the option to game via Wi-Fi or cabled broadband. This new port might be handy for when the tournament season begins – improving downloading speeds and cutting down on latency. You’ll have no stress other than the winning/losing of your next game!

Are there major developments with the Switch OLED?

One  development in Nintendo’s new console is the storage space: it has been increased from 32GB to 64GB built-in. Although it is still recommended to get a memory card to increase space, this is a definite yay! from us.

If you’re a player that loves table top mode, fear no more the uneven surfaces of the world & sudden slips/falls. No more constantly propping up the Switch console, since Nintendo has created a wider stand for the Nintendo Switch OLED, that allows viewing from multiple angles. A major win for the gamers on the go!

Wrapping Up

Many would say to carefully consider your choice to upgrade (or buy).

The Switch OLED is priced at $349/£309, now this isn’t much of an increase in the grand scheme of Nintendo Switch’s prices (original Switch being $299/£279), but like with any decision it’s always good to weigh up the pro’s & con’s. The Switch OLED offers some good developments to the Nintendo user experience & promises for a good time!

Overall the Switch OLED is providing users with an enhanced stability, storage & screen.
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We appreciate your time & hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any queries/questions, please leave a comment below.

Junita Minhas

Junita is a digital marketing apprentice that is discovering a new found passion in technology & developing her creativity.