How to use Airtags to track your Dog

With the new Apple Airtags in circulation, the prospect of losing our prized possessions such as travel bags and luggage or tablets is now a disappearing factor in our lives. More importantly, we can now use the Airtags to track our favourite furry friends if they manage to get lost chasing a squirrel. We will show you the top 5 best Apple Airtag Accessories to help you keep your pets safe with Apple Airtag Dog Collars to Airtag holders.

1. Olixar Dog Collar for Apple AirTag (Genuine Leather Dog Collar Featuring an AirTag Holder Built-In)

The perfect airtag accessory to keep track of your dog is Olixar’s Airtag Dog Collar! The real, high-quality leather collar with an 11.5cm minimum diameter and 16.5cm maximum diameter, so even the largest of dogs can be kept safe! It can easily hold your Apple Airtag by slipping it into the in-built holder provided. It will stay in, so you do not need to worry about the airtag falling out and do not need any other accessories.

The Airtag Dog Holder is adjustable in size so should fit small, medium and large dogs (but not miniature). With the in-built Airtag Holder, you do not need to buy any extra keychains, loops and holders to fit as it has been taken care of for you. Just keep the premium collar with dog gps on your best friend to never lose them again.

2. Nylon Adjustable Pet Collar With Apple AirTags Clip (Adjustable & comfortable for your pet!)

For those who want a comfortable collar for their dog but also want a clip for your airtag, the Nylon Adjustable Pet Collar With Apple AirTags Clip is the perfect buy! The Airtag holder makes finding your pet much easier with your Apple Airtag connected to your “find my app” section of your phone.

The collar is adjustable, fitting any dog so it does not fall off and is the perfect collar on top of keeping track of your pet. The airtag clip that comes with the collar, means the airtag itself is protected so you shouldn’t need an airtag protector to prevent scratches.

3. Apple AirTag Protective Case W/ Slide-On Pet Collar Clip (Clip-on your Airtag to your pet’s collar!)

If you have found a collar for your dog that you already love but wish to keep track of them in case of theft, you need to get the Apple AirTag Protective Case W/ Slide-On Pet Collar Clip, available in pretty in pink or matte black. Keep your dog’s style while keeping them safe, being able to take it off easily when returning to safety.

You can attach this Airtag protective case to multiple items other than a dog collar such as luggage or even animal harnesses, to keep your prized possessions safe. Keeping our furry family safe from getting lost or away from dog thieves is very important, so this may be the most important pet accessory you can buy.

4. Apple AirTags Genuine Leather Protective Keyring (Attach to your Dog’s collar easily)

If you want an airtag holder that can be used for many different items from dog collars to travel bags, the Apple AirTags Genuine Leather Protective Keyring is the perfect fit. With the premium leather used, it will protect your airtag while looking sophisticated and staying safe. The precise cutouts are made specifically for the Apple Airtag to show it off while keeping it snug.

The Airtag holder with the keyring means it can be used on pet collars to keyrings to travel luggage. It is easy to take off and change so it can be a travel accessory or pet accessory, you can have the best of both worlds with this product.

5. Apple AirTags Anti-Scratch Protector (Keep it scratch-free and keeping pets safe)

While this accessory may not personally protect your dog from thieves or getting lost chasing squirrels, it will keep your Apple Airtag which will, safer for much longer. This is the Apple AirTags Anti-Scratch Protector which ensures that no drop will damage your Airtag! Protected from wear and tear, no matter how many times it is inserted into your Dog’s collar, it will look and act brand new.

Just like inserting the Airtag into the holder, the Airtag protector is easy to apply and fits every curve and edge for ultimate protection. It is slim protection fitting to the airtag like a glove, so if being put into an airtag holder or a dog collar itself, it will not come off and still fit into the case.

Wrapping Up

We hoped you enjoyed our 5 best accessories on how to use Airtags to track your Dog! Simply inserting an Airtag into a dog collar, airtag clip or holder, connected to your Apple device. If you want to know more about any of the products mentioned in this blog or to see even more products available, please click here. Alternatively, check out our video below on more amazing Apple Airtag products!

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