Best 5 Car Accessories 2021

When you get your car, you may notice a few missing items that make your ride even smoother from car phone holders to a dashboard mat to keep your items safe on your road trips. It may not be Pimp my ride changes, but will fit all of your wants and needs with a few simple accessories you never know you needed! There are endless car accessories on the market, so we have narrowed it down to the best 5 you will have to buy…

1. Non-Slip Dashboard Mat for Car (No more losing your items down the side of your car)

Our favourite car accessory for 2021 is Olixar’s Non-Slip Dashboard Mat for Car which can hold all of your valuable items when driving on a road trip. If you don’t have a car phone holder, it has an in-built mount for your phone when you want to see where you are going and need GPS.

The Dashboard Anti-Slip Mat fits perfectly into your car with the extra stronghold. It also has perfect cutouts to hold your personal items and a hook to keep a phone charger to keep the juice full. Never worry about your phone dying in the middle of nowhere.

2. GripMount Pro Case Compatible Universal Car Holder (Never get lost again!)

Now that the world is opening up again, you can go on holidays and mini-breaks with your family and friends. To make sure you don’t get lost or buy expensive SatNavs, grab the GripMount Pro Case Compatible Universal Car Holder! It allows you to mount your in numerous places in your car, so no restrictions on where you want it.

The Car Phone Holder is non-restrictive so looks attractive in your car and does not block any ports or your camera. So is you wish to record your trip, you can with no issues. You can also continue to charge your device while it is mounted with plenty of room for your charging cable.

3. USB-C Power Delivery & QC 3.0 Dual Port 36W Fast Car Charger (Charge and Drive!)

If you do not have a charging port already in your car or a charging car phone holder, then you might want to get use the USB-C Power Delivery & QC 3.0 Dual Port 36W Fast Car Charger. It is designed to charge two devices at the same time, so others in the car can keep their battery.

It has universal compatibility with USB charging devices which includes smartphones, SatNavs, tablets, Bluetooth devices, handheld gaming consoles and many more! Bring the charging cable and get up to 50% higher charging speeds.

4. Universal Headrest 7-10 inch Tablet Mount (Endless entertainment on the road!)

For those long family road trips, you will need to entertain the children to stop the “Are we there yet” every 10 minutes. The Universal Headrest 7-10 inch Tablet Mount allows for an easy way to put on movies or games for those that don’t enjoy the in-car games such as Eye Spy.

It is a universal tablet mount fitting those that are 7 to 10 inches regardless of the brand. There is 360-degree rotation to allow those to share viewing. It is case compatible to keep your tablet safe as long as it stays within the 7 to 10-inch capacity.

5. 3.5mm Aux-in Wireless Audio Adapter Receiver W/ Microphone (Hands-free calls and more!)

If you do not have the newest cars with in-built Bluetooth connecting your phone for handsfree calling, the 3.5mm Aux-in Wireless Audio Adapter Receiver W/ Microphone. It enables in-car speakers to receive audio signals wirelessly that couldn’t do previously. You can also turn your old wired headphones into Bluetooth enabled devices to enjoy music on the go.

The added convenience of hands-free calling is a safe way to carry on calls when driving and spending your journey. You can dual-link two audio devices together to simultaneously stream music from any of them. It has universal compatibility for many different types of devices and supports connections between mobile devices and non-Bluetooth audio devices.

Wrapping up

We hoped you enjoyed our Best 5 Car Accessories in 2021! If you want to know more about any of the products mentioned in this blog or to see even more products available, please click here! Also, check out our video below, with a close-up view of one of our products!

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