5 Best Work From Home Accessories 2021

With a world thrown by the coronavirus, many people around the world have been thrown into a life of working from home and are not prepared for it, or even know where to start! You will need multiple things from Webcams for your daily Teams calls to dual-screen setups! With the look of the world-changing for a longer time, we have all the product suggestions you need to get through this tough time. Read on to find out more…

1. Olixar Web Camera with Microphone for PC (HD picture for all the work meetings!)

If you are looking for a way to communicate with your work team, then grab the Olixar Web Camera with Microphone to attach to your PC or Laptop! This webcam delivers picture in 720pHD and crystal clear sound unless you want a separate microphone.

Our favourite for 2021 is the HD Webcam, with no complicated setups. Multiuse, it can computers, laptops, desktops, Macs, and televisions with a USB cable! With a two-year warranty, it is a no-brainer to improve your office calls to the max!

2. Dual Screen Laptop Connector Clips for Smartphone & Tablet (Double to work to get out quicker!)

If you are on a call on your Laptop and want to get information on your screen, why not use your phone or tablet? Be prepared for all calls with Olixar’s Dual Screen Connector Clips for Smartphone & Tablet! It is a universal design and will work for most smartphones or tablets, even if there is a Protector Case on, as long as it’s no more than 5-9mm thick.

The Laptop Phone holder is compact and light, designed not to be intrusive, allowing you to have charging cables to not stop the workflow. Having the option to have the device in portrait or landscape, so work how you want to!

3. Universal Adjustable Tablet Desk Stand (Use your own tablet to work anywhere!)

If you are wanting to use your own tablet to work on but sick of holding it or looking down giving you a bad neck, you need Olixar’s Universal Adjustable Tablet Desk Stand, to work hands-free! It is universal to be used with all tablets from iPads to Galaxy Tabs, even with a protective case, within 7 to 13 inches.

The Tablet desk stand can easily be moved to show portrait or landscape angles, to make it easy to watch movies or drawing, whatever your purpose is. The small lightweight stand, allowing for charging cables to be plugged in for optimized work and play.

4. 10W Wireless Slim Charging Stand With Cooling Fan (Keep your phone cool and fully charged!)

If you are wanting to use your phone a lot during work hours but don’t want it to overheat and lose battery, then grab Olixar’s 10W Wireless Slim Charging Stand With Cooling Fan, which allows for endless hours of work and play! With the 30% faster speeds than other chargers, you won’t need to buy any other chargers!

The Wireless Charging Stand is compatible with all Qi-enabled Smartphones from Apple iPhones to Samsung Galaxies. You do not need to take off your phone case to use this smart cooling stand, as it will charge with it on. Welcome to the future!

5. Full-Size Office Desk/Gaming Multi-functional Leather Mat (The Full Set-up for your workday!)

If you are wanting to set up a home office and need a good grip for your keyboard and mouse, you will need a good office mat! The perfect one is Olixar’s Full-size Office Desk/Gaming Multi-functional Leather Mat, ensuring that your work and tech are all organized.

This Leather Mat is waterproof and wear-resistant so will not be ruined if your coffee spills or your having a variety of items on there such as your Phone or Phone Chargers. It is 90 x 40cm surface area, so will keep your items together and get your work done faster.

Wrapping Up

We hoped you enjoyed our top 5 Working from Home Essentials in 2021! If you want to know more about any of the Working from Home Accessories mentioned in this blog, or to see even more products available, please click here! Alternatively, watch the video below for more information!

Georgia Ryall

Georgia Ryall is the Amazon marketplace apprentice, soaking up all the information like a sponge! After studying Media & Communications at University, is now stepping out to the digital marketing world and wants to learn it all! A huge lover of digital marketing, movies, and gaming (finally owns a ps5!!)