Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases

Forming part of Samsung’s 2021 ‘S’ lineup, the Galaxy S21+ 5G features a 6.7″ display, combined with a triple lens camera setup and a number of updates to the chipset and processing power.

Ahead of the official release date of the S21 Plus, we’ve managed to test a number of cases and shortlisted our favourite which vary by price, case type and protection levels.

  1. Official Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus LED View Cover Case – Black
  2. Olixar Ultra-Thin Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Case – 100% Clear
  3. Zizo Bolt Series Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Tough Case – Blue / Black
  4. Official Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Kvadrat Cover Case – Mint Grey
  5. Incipio Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Organicore Case – Charcoal

1. Official Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus LED View Cover Case – Black

The S21 Plus LED View Cover has been part of Samsung’s range of cases and covers for a number of years now, however it never fails to impress with it’s intuitive LED features. The unique case is capable of displaying noifications such as the time, date, calls and messages, through the LED matrix found on the front cover. In terms of protection, the LED View cover will guard your Galaxy S21 Plus against scratches, drops and impacts, in addition to protecting it’s AMOLED display, which if broken will be costly to replace. Samsung have also included a single card slot in the interior of the case, which is great for storing important cards such as credit cards or ID.

Available for £54.99 / $61.99

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2. Olixar Ultra-Thin Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Case – 100% Clear

With the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus available in a number of stunning finishes including Phantom Violet, Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, plus the exclusive Phantom Gold and Phantom red, you’ll certainly want to showcase the colour and the S21 Plus’ sleek design. This is where the Olixar Ultra-Thin is the perfect case to do so. Completely transparent, your S21 Plus will shine through and gain protection against scratching. However as the name suggests, the case is ultra thin and so in comparison to tough cases, it will not offer as much protection against impacts and drops.

Available for £6.99 / $7.99

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3. Zizo Bolt Series Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Tough Case – Blue / Black

The Zizo Bolt S21 Plus Tough case is excellent value for money with it’s inclusion of a screen protector. The case itself features a two layered construction giving it the ability to safeguard your Galaxy S21 Plus with ease, especially against impact and any shock caused as a result of the impact. For such a durable and protective case, it still notes a stylish and unique look. Zizo have also made the Bolt case to be versatile by building in a stand and a detachable belt clip, whilst also including a laynard too. The Zizo Bolt Case for the S21 Plus is available in red and black variants too.

Available for £19.99 / $22.49

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4. Official Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Kvadrat Cover Case – Mint Grey


Created in a collaboration between Samsung and Kvadrat, this case features the latter company’s unique textured material. This has resulted in a premium case which not only feels great in the hand, but also improves the grip levels of your Galaxy S21 Plus. Overall the case is slim and lightweight, whilst providing a good level of protection too. The Official Samsung S21 Plus Kvadrat textile case is available in stunning Mint Grey and Violet shades, perfect if you want to match your S21 Plus’ Phantom Silver or Phantom Violet’s colour.

Available for £28.99 / $32.99

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5. Incipio Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Organicore Case – Charcoal

The final case to feature is the Incipio S21 Plus Organicore case. This minimalist and simple looking case is actually made of plant-based materials, rather than using TPU, meaning it’s environmentally friendly and is compostable, allowing it to eventually break down when in the correct environment. When it comes to protection, this exceeded expectation and is capable of protecting from drops up to 6ft.

Available for £39.99 / $44.99

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Wrapping up

We hope this guide was useful and you were able to find a case for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. If you’ve got any questions, please leave your comments down below!

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