How to Improve Precision & Comfort for Smartphone Gaming

With more and more top titled smartphone games becoming available such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Mario Kart and more more, there’s no surprise to how popular mobile gaming has become.

As with any games, competition is always very high and having the edge over competitors is key. With this in mind, Baseus have created this pair of Mobile Gaming Shoulder Buttons.


Precision and responsiveness are both key factors when it comes to mobile gaming and with these pair of shoulder button’s, both will improve vastly, helping to give you that competitive edge especially when playing first-person shooters and racing games.

Another area of importance to anyone that games, whether that be on a console or mobile is comfort. With this in mind, Baseus have made these buttons to be ergonomic to ensure they improve comfort, especially when gaming for a prolonged period of time.

Compatible with both Apple iOS and Android smartphones, these sleek controls simply slip over the edge of your phone and click into position. As the contact grips are made from rubber, you can be rest assured that your display will not scratch. In addition, unlike other controllers which require to be powered, this of mobile gaming shoulder buttons do not require any power at all.

At the time of writing, this set of mobile gaming shoulder buttons are priced extremely well at £12.99 and do not break the bank in comparison to other mobile gaming accessories. They are also now available to purchase now from Mobile Fun by clicking the link below.

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Wrapping Up!

That concludes our article on how to improve precision and comfort for mobile gaming. If you have any questions, please comment down below.

Amit Patel

Amit Patel is the Online Marketing Analyst for Mobile Fun with 5 years of experience in E-Commerce. A petrol head and F1 fan, if he’s not talking about cars, you’ll find him DJ’ing and delving into libraries of both new and old music.