How to add extra storage to your iPhone or iPad

Are you fed up of seeing that annoying notification appearing on either your iPhone or iPad saying you have run out of storage? Well if so, the Ksix iMemory extension is something that will really come in handy for you. This little adapter enables you to gain up to 64GB of extra storage, and all by just by following a few very short and simple steps.

Within the box you will receive the adapter and clear instructions , however you will also need to a micro SD card which will unfortunately have to be purchased separately.

In order to add extra storage to your phone you will need to download the iExpand-Plus app. From there, place the micro SD card into the designated slot on the side of the Ksix’s adapter. With that done all you need to do is connect the adapter to your IOS device. 

After inserting the adapter into your phone or iPad, open the iExpand-Plus app. From here you’ll see your device’s content and will be able to transfer your files to the micro SD card. It is the perfect way to back up your content whilst on the go. 

This does not just secure your documents but is also a way to transfer them from one IOS device to another. To achieve this, simply use the slide button to reveal the USB. Now you are able to upload photos and videos to your MAC from your iPad or iPhone.

You will not need internet or 4G access to do so, making it a quick and reliable way to ensure your content is safe. This is most ideal for those who edit photos and footage when out and about, as you can transfer files hassle free and also edit from the add on. It’s lightweight and small construction makes it easy for you to carry your footage around with you. 

Another beneficial factor to owning the iMemory extension is that you can upload your favorite TV shows and films to watch from any desired IOS device with a lightening port, allowing you to save storage on your iPhone and iPad.