How to Protect Your Home from Being a Victim of Webcam Spying

Many of our homes now feature more and more electronics including smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart home devices. However a key area which is often overlooked is our privacy. With many devices featuring webcams and cameras, it’s long been understood that hackers can gain access into these devices and generally without users knowing it.

So the question is how do you protect yourself and your home from becoming a victim of webcam spying? The answer is by using a simple Anti-Hack Cover.


This extra value three pack of covers from Olixar is compatible with laptops, smartphones, tablets and smart home devices including the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot. With a 1mm ultra-thin design, the cover is extremely discrete in addition to being both quick and easy to install thanks to the 3M adhesive back.

When it’s time to use your webcam or camera, simply slide across the cover and your camera will be ready to use as normal. Once you’ve finished, slide the cover over again to ensure your security is maintained and avoid being spied on.

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Wrapping up

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