12 best iPhone chargers & cables: our ultimate guide

What are the best iPhone chargers on the market? That’s precisely the question we’re here to answer, covering a whole range: desk chargers, mains chargers, portable chargers, car chargers and even wireless chargers. We’ll also look at the Lightning cables you may need as well. No matter what kind of iPhone charger you need or what iPhone you have, we’re here to help. Let’s get started!

Part 1: Desk chargers

We’ll begin with a look at iPhone desktop chargers, a category which includes both docks (combined stands and chargers) and multi-port chargers. We’ll recommend one of each type.

1. Kidigi iPhone X / 8 / 7 Series Charging Dock

Kidigi iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus Charging Dock

The Kidigi charging dock provides rapid charging or syncing of your favourite iPhone, while propping it up at a convenient angle to make it easy to see incoming messages and other notifications. The dock is fully case compatible too, so you don’t need to take your iPhone out of its case to begin charging. All in all, it’s a solid solution that should last for a long time — and it’s none too expensive either!

See the Kidigi iPhone X / 8 / 7 Series Charging Dock >

Alternative: Belkin Lightning Charge & Sync Dock

2. I-Star 10.6A 5 Port USB Hub Bookend Charger

0nEjiHr.jpg (1098×300)

This cute and colourful hub comes with a bookend wrapper, making it easy to locate on a desk or bookshelf. Of course, you can also use the charger in its more compact form for use when travelling. The I-Star also provides fast charging, courtesy of its 10.6A total output — enough to charge five iPhones or iPads simultaneously at full speed. For even more simultaneous charging action, check out the alternatives listed below!

See the I-Star 10.6A 5 Port USB Hub Bookend Charger >

Alternatives: Kit 10 Port USB Charging StationVeho TA-6 Universal 6-Port USB Charging Hub with Multi Region Adapter

Part 2: Mains chargers

Most desk chargers will terminate in a USB cable, which you can plug into your computer for syncing or into an iPhone mains adapter for faster charging. This is the latter category, those little boxes that plug into the wall. We’ll look at one innovative folding design, plus a clever dual USB mains adapter that also allows the original mains outlet to still be used. Let’s get into it!

3. OneAdaptr Flip Foldable 4X USB Mains Charger

OneAdaptr Flip Duo Foldable Mains Charger 3.4A - White

This clever folding mains charger is perfect for use on the go, allowing you to keep it folded up and compact in your bag, then flip it out whenever you need to use it. You get a whopping four USB ports from this one adapter, allowing you to recharge a whole family’s worth of devices with a single product. A two USB port version is also available; see the alternative link below.

See the OneAdaptr Flip Foldable 4X USB Mains Charger >

Alternative: OneAdaptr Flip Duo Foldable Mains Charger

4. Energenie 3.1A Dual USB Mains Charger

Energenie Universal 3.1A Dual USB Mains Charger - White

The Energenie is a handy mains adapter that provides two USB ports for rapid charging, while also allowing another device to use the mains socket through a passthrough connector. This is ideal for fixed use, allowing you to recharge your iPhone wherever it’s most convenient, without giving up the use of one of your plug sockets.

See the Energenie 3.1A Dual USB Mains Charger >

Alternatives: Masterplug Surge Protected 2.1A USB Charger, 2 Port USB Double UK Plug Socket with Phone Shelf

Part 3: Portable chargers

iPhone portable chargers have become a must-have accessory for many, with these power banks providing a convenient way of topping up your phone when you don’t have the luxury of using a mains or car charger. There are a wide range of portable chargers on the market, so we’ll look at two on opposite ends of the spectrum: a super portable charger you can stick in your pocket, and a capacious power bank that will recharge your phone many times over.

5. Kit 2000mAh Power Bank

Kit 2000mAh Universal Portable Power Bank Emergency Battery - Gold

The Kit Power Bank has a capacity of 2,000mAh, allowing it to recharge your iPhone from about 0 to 75% depending on the exact model you have. Its best feature is its small size; you can easily fit this in your pocket or bag. The Power Bank comes with a Micro USB cable to recharge it and costs less than £10, making it an inexpensive option.

See the Kit 2000mAh Power Bank >

Alternatives: Beeyo Lipstick Power Bank 2200mAh, Beeyo Compact Mirror 3000mAh

6. Olixar Powerboost 6000mAh Portable Charger

Olixar Powerboost Portable Charger - 6000mAh

This clever power bank has enough capacity to recharge your iPhone twice over. It also has a convenient built-in Lightning cable, allowing you to recharge your iPhone without bringing a separate cable. The cable can also be used to recharge Micro USB phones, e.g. Android phones, and recharge the power bank itself from a mains charger. Awesome!

See the Olixar Powerboost 6000mAh Portable Charger >

Alternatives: Veho Pebble Explorer 8400mAh, Kanex GoPower 15000mAh Power Bank

Part 4: Car chargers

If you’re in your car a lot, it can be great to top up your iPhone while you’re driving. In this section, we’ll look at some of the best car chargers for the iPhone, including ones designed for multiple devices to be recharged simultaneously. Let’s get right into it!

7. Olixar Retractable 3.4A Lightning Charger

Olixar Retractable 3.4A Lightning In-Car Charger with USB Port

This car charger has a convenient retractable Lightning cable built in, allowing you to recharge your iPhone when necessary and keep your car tidy the rest of the time. The car charger also includes a secondary USB port, allowing another phone or device to be recharged at the same time.

See the Olixar Retractable 3.4A Lightning Charger >

Alternative: KSIX 4x USB 9.6A Car Charger

8. Griffin iTrip Lightning to Aux Car Charger

Griffin iTrip Lightning To Aux Car Adapter & Charger with Auto Pilot

This car charger is designed specifically for the iPhone 7 and later (including the iPhone 8 and iPhone X), as it allows you to charge your iPhone while also connecting to a car stereo via the 3.5 aux cable. This is brilliant for listening to music, podcasts or GPS directions while keeping your iPhone charged up.

See the Griffin iTrip Lightning to Aux Car Charger >

Alternative: Scosche StrikeDrive Lightning to Aux Audio Converter & Car Charger

Part 5: Wireless chargers

With the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, Apple introduced wireless charging to the iPhone, but you can use adapters to add this ability to older iPhones as well. (See our Wireless Charging Guide for more information!) Either way, you’ll need a good wireless charging pad to unlock fast and convenient charging. We’ll look at two such iPhone charging pads here.

9. Spigen Essential F302W Wireless Charging Pad

Spigen Essential F302W Universal Wireless Charging Pad - Black

This simple wireless charging pad from Spigen offers fast wireless charging for the iPhone in a lightweight and easily portable design. An LED shows you when charging takes place, and overcharging and overheating protection ensures no power is wasted. A faster version is also available; see the alternative below!

See the Spigen Essential F302W Wireless Charging Pad

Alternative: Spigen Essential F301W Universal Fast Wireless Charging Pad

10. Wireless Charging Car Vent Holder

Universal Qi Wireless Charging Car Vent Holder

Yup, wireless charging works in your car too! This clever universal car holder keeps your iPhone in a convenient position, mounted on your car’s vents, while recharging it without wires. You can also find a version that clings to the windscreen or dashboard below.#

See the Wireless Charging Car Vent Holder

Alternatives: Wireless Charging Windscreen / Dash Car Holder

Part 6: Lightning cables

We’ll conclude with a look at some of the best Lightning cables on the market. Now, most of you will already own a Lightning cable, as one comes in the box with each iPhone. However, it can be convenient to have a spare, so that you can leave one Lightning cable with your charger at home, and take one with you. You can also find Lightning cables that are more durable and therefore longer-lasting than Apple’s own. In this section, we’ll highlight one high-quality Lightning cable and one inexpensive replacement.

11. Echo IronWire Ultra-Strong Lightning Cable

When it comes to durable iPhone charging cables, it doesn’t get much better than the IronWire from Echo. This cable is made from braided kevlar and nylon, allowing it to withstand immense pulling forces — you could tow a car with it! It also has reinforced connectors to withstand years of use and abuse without breaking.

See the Echo IronWire Ultra-Strong Lightning Cable >

Alternatives: Elago Aluminium Braided Lightning Cable, Scosche StrikeLine Rugged LED Lightning Cable

12. Olixar Lightning Charge & Sync Cable

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Lightning to USB Charging Cable - White

This inexpensive Lightning cable does everything you could want, with a simple yet durable design that should stand up better than Apple’s notoriously short-lived original. The cable is available in a range of lengths, from this traditional 1 metre cable to a super-short 10cm cable for use with power banks, and even a super-long 3 metres. You can even get a bundle with three Lightning cables in one pack for £15 — nice!

See the Olixar Lightning Charge & Sync Cable >

Alternatives: Veho MFi Lightning Cable (1 metre)

Wrapping up

Thanks very much for checking out the article. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. You can also reach us on Twitter @mobilefun or at facebook.com/loveyourmobile. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your day!

Header image credit: Magnus Jonasson