Satechi vs Promate: MacBook USB-C Hub showdown

Satechi’s USB-C Hub for the MacBook & MacBook Pro is one of the best ways to add more ports back to your MacBook or MacBook Pro, but it’s far from the only solution on the market. In fact, there’s a cheaper alternative from Promate, which boasts exactly the same features. Let’s take a closer look and see if we can find any differences!


YA1K6qy.jpg (834×510)

The Satechi USB-C Hub is made from aluminium in Silver, Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold. Meanwhile, the Promate version is also made from aluminium, and is also available in Silver, Space Grey and Gold — only the Rose Gold colourway is missing.


Of course, looks aren’t everything. Functionality is more important, right? Let’s take a look at the ports -Satechi on the left and Promate on the right.

ZXwpWvK.jpg (858×424)

Satechi USB-C Hub Promate USB-C Hub
Full-size USB (2), USB-C, Micro SD, SD Full-size USB (2), USB-C, Micro SD, SD

As you can see, the two hubs have the same ports in the same layout. No matter which you choose, you’ll regain access to those all-important full-size USB ports, have passthrough USB-C for charging or other peripherals, and you’ll have Micro and full-size SD card capabilities too.

Price and availability

OK, so there’s one big difference between the Satechi and Promate USB-C hubs… the Promate model is in stock now and is £5 cheaper!

You can click through the links above to see more info, and the latest price and stock figures!

Wrapping up

If you’d prefer a look at even more USB-C hub options for the MacBook and MacBook Pro, check out our guide: Best MacBook USB-C hubs & adapters 2017

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