Light up your garden with these smart lanterns

Tired of arriving home after dark? Want to enjoy your limited time outdoors? Light up your garden with these cheery lights and other outdoor accessories!

MiPow Playbulb Garden Solar LED Light

5. MiPow Playbulb Garden Solar LED Light

We’ll start off with these solar powered smart lights. Simply place them as you like in your garden, then connect to them on your phone via Bluetooth and the Playbulb app. You can change their colour whenever you like, and they’ll never need recharging thanks to their solar cells. They’re also water resistant, so you can use them no matter the weather.

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Mayhem Moon Shine Rechargeable Solar Micro USB Lantern Jar

4. Mayhem Moon Shine Rechargeable Jar Lantern

No, not that kind of moonshine! These solar-powered lanterns give your garden a serene glow, and can also light up extra-strong to illuminate your path. Their 1000mAh battery can be charged via Micro USB or with solar power, and they’ll last for five to twelve hours depending on their lighting level. Best of all, the lantern jar is fully foldable and can even be used as a storage container, making it doubly useful.

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Scosche boomBOTTLE+ Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - Black / Gold

3. Scosche boomBottle+ Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This isn’t a light, but hear me out! This gadget is a Bluetooth speaker with up to fifteen hours of battery life, making it great for even the longest parties. It’s also a convenient charging station, with a hefty 6000mAh battery that can fully recharge most phones two times over. The boomBottle+ is happiest outdoors, where its waterproof and ruggedised exterior allows it to survive inclement weather. You can even mount it to a tripod to raise the sound or clip it to a bag with the carabiner clip.

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Secur Rugged Bluetooth Speaker Lantern and Flashlight

2. Secur Rugged Bluetooth Speaker, Lantern & Flashlight

This gadget is both a Bluetooth speaker and a lantern, making it an ideal companion for camping, hiking or just hanging out after dark. It also comes with a flashlight mode, which is perfect for picking your way though rugged terrain (or your back garden).

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Solight Solar Puff Rechargeable Solar Powered Portable Lantern

1. Solight Solar Powered Portable Lantern

This self-inflating lantern provides a warm glowing light thanks to its construction from light-diffusing sail cloth. It’s bright too, at 100 lumens, and it’s completely solar powered. The Solight Solar Powered Lantern is available in two different designs, Puff and Helix. Check ’em out below!

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