10 LG G5 camera tips for taking better photos

The LG G5 has one of the best smartphone cameras on the market, with two lenses on the back and one on front. It’s also well supported by accessories, including some modules that aren’t available on any other phone. Here are ten tips for getting the most out of the LG G5!

1. Pick up the LG G5 Cam Plus module


The easiest way to improve the shooting experience on the G5 is to pick up the LG Cam Plus Module. This adds some physical controls — including a zoom dial and a shutter button — and also extends your battery life significantly. This does add a bit of bulk, but it also gives you something to hold onto when shooting. Thanks to the G5’s modular design, the Cam Plus is easy to install and remove as necessary; just eject the current module and insert the Cam Plus. If you like taking photos, it’s a great upgrade for the G5.

2. Create multi-view collages using all three cameras


Hit the mode button in the camera app, and you’ll be able to choose from a nice array of options. One interesting one is multi-view, which captures a collage from all three of the phone’s cameras. It’s a good way of getting both your environment and your reaction in a single shot.

3. Experiment with the manual mode


The LG G5’s camera app has a manual mode, which gives you access to all sorts of settings and features. If you’re not an established photographer it’ll take a while to get to grips with these, but it’s well worth spending the required time to get familiar with the different controls and learn the basics of photography. It can be a lot of fun, too.

4. Shoot all day with the portable battery charger


LG have made a rather excellent portable battery charger which makes it easier to keep shooting photos (and indeed using your smartphone as a smartphone) all day. When you’re running low, just swap batteries and you’ll be back up to 100%. The G5 is one of the few modern smartphones that has a removable battery, so you may as well make use of it!

5. Shoot at low ISO and slow shutter speeds


Using the manual mode of the LG G5 provides a lot of control over your photos, and one intriguing possibility is maximising detail through shooting at lower ISO levels and slower shutter speeds. The LG G5’s image stabilisation will make this possible when shooting by hand, but picking up a tripod will result in much sharper photos. Suffice it to say, this style of shooting is best done with good light levels; in the dark you still will find it difficult to capture much detail.

6. Keep the G5 at your hip with the Zizo Bolt


The Zizo Bolt is a highly protective case for the LG G5, and it comes with one nifty feature: a belt clip. That means you can have your G5 at hand at all times, making it easier to shoot unexpected photos as opportunities present themselves.

7. Use the wide angle lens to shoot timelapses


The unique wide angle lens of the G5 makes it well suited for shooting timelapses, whether clouds running over an isolated mesa or the hustle and bustle of city life. You can may want to use a tripod to make choosing your viewpoint a little easier.

8. Capture RAW images for better post-processing


Most professional photographers capture in RAW when it’s available, as this records extra data from the camera and gives you more options for post-processing. Now, that same advantage is possible on the LG G5’s smartphone camera. Turn on manual mode, then tap the JPG button to enable RAW capture. After recording RAW images, you can use apps like Photoshop to edit the photos to your liking.

9. Shoot for VR with the LG 360 Cam


VR headsets are becoming increasingly commonplace, and they’re a great way to get an idea of a place without actually going there. If you pick up LG’s 360 Cam, you can record 360 degree videos and take 360 degree photos, which of course is ideal for viewing on a VR headset later. Panoramas are great, but they’re nothing compared to this!

10. Try Quick shot to grab that special moment


I bet you didn’t know this — it’s possible to take a photo on the LG G5 without actually turning on the phone. You can double press the volume down key, and your phone will turn on, launch the camera app and immediately take a photo. This allows you to get photos that would be impossible otherwise, without running around with your phone on and camera up at all times. To enable this, visit Settings > General > Shortcut.

Wrapping up

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