Take charge with the Olixar Powercharge 15,000mAh power bank

Charging your phone sucks, but it doesn’t have to. With the Olixar Powercharge, you get a massive 15,000mAh portable charger in a neat and tidy package. Take a look at why the Powercharge is such a good choice.

1. Massive capacity

Olixar Powercharge Portable Charger - 15,000mAh

First of all, we’ve got this mighty capacity — 15,000 mAh. That’s enough juice to recharge your iPhone 7 from 0 to 100% seven times over, or the Galaxy S7 five times over. That means you could charge your phone solely from this power bank, and only need to recharge the power bank overnight once a week — awesome. You can easily see the level of remaining charge with a small LED indicator next to the Olixar logo.

2. Fast, easy charging

Olixar Powercharge Portable Charger - 15,000mAh

The Powercharge also makes charging easy, thanks to an integrated Micro USB cable. This is great for Android phones like the Galaxy S7 Edge, as you won’t have to bring a cable with you. Best of all, it’s removable — so you can use it to charge the power bank itself!

Olixar Powercharge Portable Charger - 15,000mAh

For the iPhone and some Android flagships, you can use Lightning or USB-C cables to either of the Powercharge’s two USB ports. Whether you’re charging a tablet or a phone, 2.1A charging will mean you don’t have long to wait — and a second 1A port means you can charge your mate’s phone at the same time.

3. Slim and compact

Olixar Powercharge Portable Charger - 15,000mAh

The Powercharge is capacious, but it’s smaller than you’d think. It’s about as large as the average smartphone, and it measures just 18mm thick. It probably would fill most larger pockets, so it’s best to keep it in a bag while travelling. It’s also not too weighty, at 300 grams — this won’t break your back by any means.

Avoid cheap online power banks

You can find a lot of cheap, large-capacity portable chargers online, but they’re not always legitimate. Take a look at this example above — it’s a 24,000mAh charger made from a small circuit board, a small legitimate battery… and the rest of the space is filled with sand.


A fake ‘24,000mAh’ portable charger

Of course, tiny capacities aren’t the only danger — you often get cheap portable chargers on eBay that charge slowly or can even get dangerously hot. You need only look at the Note 7 recall or the EE Power Bar fiasco to see how important it is to have quality batteries in something you use every day!

With the Olixar Powercharge, you’ll get a legitimate 15,000mAh and safe operation — no worries.

Wrapping up

The Olixar Powercharge is a brilliant power bank,