Apple AirPods alternatives: 5 Bluetooth headphones


Yesterday we looked at some of the best fully wireless alternatives to Apple’s upcoming AirPods — which included some very advanced but also quite expensive models. Today, we’re back to have a look at the other side of the coin: more traditional Bluetooth headphones that offer a good fit and excellent portability at a much lower price point than fully wireless in-ear headphones.

5. Ghostek EarBlades


Ghostek’s EarBlades belie their name with one of the most comfortable fits on the market. These fitness-focused headphones are IP66 water resistant, so they’ll survive rain or sweat in equal measure. The distinctive blade design allows for the inclusion of music controls, while Multipoint technology allows you to maintain a connection to two devices simultaneously (think your home phone and work phone, or your iPhone and your Mac).

4. Erato Rio 3


The Rio 3s are rugged Bluetooth headphones designed for fitness, boasting a stabilising ear hook and six hours of battery life despite weighing only 14 grams. The Erato Rio 3 are the only headphones on this list that haven’t come out yet. They’re currently available to backers on Indiegogo for $70, but they’ll cost $130 when they hit stores later this year.

3. Plug N Go


The Plug N Go is a lightweight and straightforward set of Bluetooth in-ear headphones. The earbuds go in each ear, and join together in an in-line remote. As well as letting you control your music, this remote also houses the headset’s Bluetooth radio and battery, allowing it to offer an easy wireless connection to your iPhone. The headset weighs just 13 grams, but has enough battery power to last up to six hours — not too shabby.

2. Schatzii Bullet


The Schatzii Bullet is an interesting proposition: a single Bluetooth earbud, one of the smallest available. Having just one earpiece means you don’t get stereo sound for music, but you do get absolutely minimum bulk and weight, without losing out on the ability to take calls, listen to podcasts or be alerted to incoming notifications. Music listeners should skip the bullet, but everyone else should definitely consider it.

1. Olixar X1


The Olixar X1 is at the top of this list for one simple reason: it’s so well loved. This simple Bluetooth headset costs just £20, and boasts a comfortable fit, good battery life and reasonable sound quality. It doesn’t offer the biggest bass, the smallest size or the most advanced technology; it just works. These simple qualities have made it a long-time favourite at Mobile Fun, where it currently sits at a 90% star rating after 245 reviews. Give it a go — you may just find that you’re writing positive review #246.


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