Top 6 USB-C accessories for the Note 7

Look at the bottom of your Note 7. No, not the back, the bottom. There’s a little hole there, right? But it’s not Micro USB, like the Note 5, or any other Galaxy phone on the market. This is USB-C, a new and futuristic port that works either way up, provides more power and lets you connect basically anything with the right adapter. Here are six of our favourite USB-C accessories to plug into your Note 7.

n.b. This list was last updated on August 24th, 2016. See the latest USB-C accessories here.

Official Samsung USB-C 10,200mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack - Grey

6. Samsung USB-C 10,200 mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack

This official USB-C charger from Samsung is the perfect complement to the Note 7, offering rapid charging and impressive capacity in a sleek package. The battery pack has 10,200 mAh of battery power, allowing it to recharge your phone from 0 to 100% about three times before needing a recharge itself. The pack includes a USB-C port, so you can charge without needing an adapter, plus a full-size USB-A port for older devices. Qualcomm’s Fast Charge 2.0 is supported, so you’ll see fast charging on Qualcomm-based phones that support the standard.

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Belkin USB-C & USB-A 4-Port Mini Hub - Black

5. Belkin 4-Port Mini Hub

Want to connect a keyboard, mouse and charge your phone at the same time? Get one of these Belkin hubs and you’ll be able to do just that. You can essentially turn your Note 7 into a mobile office with enough peripherals attached! (You may find some power-hungry devices don’t work, but the greater power provided by the USB-C port means that gamepads, mice, keyboards, USB drives and the like should all be fine.)

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Official Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Headset for USB-C & Micro USB

4. Samsung Gear VR headset (USB-C)

The Gear VR was updated with the launch of the Note 7, with a new removable adapter that lets the headset work with USB-C (e.g. Note 7) or Micro USB (e.g. Galaxy S7). If you’ve not heard about it, the Gear VR is the best mobile virtual reality experience, allowing you to experience live sports, lush panoramas and immersive games no matter where you are. Just slide in your phone, and you’re away to another world.

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Nomad Road Trip USB-C & Universal Car Charger & 3000mAh Power Bank

3. Nomad Road Trip USB-C Car Charger & Power Bank

This handy gadget has two functions in one. First, it charges your phone from your car, without the need for an adapter. It’s just USB-C all the way. Secondly, it is a power bank, capable of storing 3000mAh of juice for you to use whenever you need it. There’s also a full-size USB-C port, just in case folks with less cool phones need to get a recharge as well.

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Quickdraw Magnetic USB-C Sync & Charge Cable - Space Grey

2. Quickdraw Magnetic USB-C Sync & Charge Cable

This cable starts in USB-C and ends in full-size USB, making it ideal for connecting your Note 7 to your PC or laptop, or the millions of USB-A mains chargers that exist in the world. The cable is a nice one too, with a woven cable that won’t die after a year’s use, and a magnetic cable tidy that keeps it untangled and ready to be used. You can also get it in gold, if you want something a little more eye-catching.

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Olixar Micro USB To USB-C Adapter

1. Olixar Micro USB To USB-C Adapter

You may be ‘cool’ and ‘with it’ thanks to your USB-C smartphone, but the world isn’t quite ready for you. It’s ready for Micro USB smartphones (and sometimes even Lightning phones). That means for the next few years, you might want to slip this adapter in your bag, which will transform new-school USB-C into the old standard Micro USB port we’ve grown to love/hate over the years. It ensures that even if you lose your specialised USB-C equipment, you can still bum a cable off someone and get your phone topped up. Awesome.

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