Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 accessories

A few weeks back we took a look at some of our favourite cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Now we’re back with accessory recommendations, including chargers, audio equipment, memory cards and more. Here are ten of our most-recommended Note 7 accessories!

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wireless Fast Charging Stand - Black

10. Samsung Wireless Fast Charging Stand

This desktop dock has it all. Enviable style, a portable design, and most importantly, some seriously fast wireless charging. Just pop your Note 7 onto the dock when you want to charge it, and take it off when you need to use it. There’s no hassle of constantly plugging and unplugging wires, just a magical spot on your desk where the Note 7 gets its power from the ether. That’s how it feels, anyway, magic isn’t real (sorry kids).

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Olixar X1 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

9. Olixar X1 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The headphones that come with the Note 7 are a little lacking for a £700 smartphone. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a worthwhile upgrade. The Olixar X1s are just £20, but they offer significantly better sound quality, have a built-in mic and media controls, and they’re wireless. Whether you’re listening to music on the train or while jogging, you’re sure to have a better time with the Olixar X1s.

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Samsung EVO Plus 64GB MicroSDXC Card - Class 10 with Adapter

8. Samsung Evo Plus 64GB Micro SD Card

You can double the amount of space in your Note 7 for just £40. This Samsung Micro SD card is our favourite because it offers insanely fast transfer speeds, it’s waterproof and it comes with an SD adapter that’ll let you easily plug it into your laptop. The Micro SD card slot was sorely missed on last year’s Note 5, so make the most of its inclusion this year by cheaply upgrading your storage.

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Kit: Premium Aluminium Smartphone & Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard - Black

7. Kit: Premium Aluminium Keyboard

For getting work done, I prefer using a full-size keyboard. As much as I practice smartphone typing and switch between keyboards, I’m never as fast or as comfortable as I am on a proper physical keyboard. This Kit: Premium Aluminium Keyboard is too big to fit in your back pocket, but makes a great travel companion. Just stow it in your bag, and when the time comes to write a long email screed or work on your latest assignment, you won’t need a laptop.

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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Lens Cover - Black

6. Samsung Lens Cover

This official Samsung accessory is a lens cover – but not that kind of lens cover. Yes, it covers the lens, technically, but it’s more of a lens that clips into a cover. Oh dear, I’m not making sense — let’s start again. This is a set of two detachable lenses and a Note 7 case they screw into it. You have a choice of telephoto and wide angle, and both allow you to take photos that would have been otherwise impossible on the Note 7’s excellent camera.

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Kidigi Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Desktop Charging Dock

5. Kidigi Desktop Dock

This simple desktop dock uses wires instead of wireless charging, so it’s a little faster to operate and a little cheaper too. It loses out on convenience to the wireless option, but it’s still way faster and more convenient than using a cable alone. This way, you get a nice elevated view of your Note 7’s screen and an easier connection to your PC.

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Superspot Toughtube Rugged Outdoor Wireless PowerBank Speaker - Blue

4. Toughtube Rugged Power Bank & Speaker

This rugged tube is pretty impressive. It’s a power bank, offering 5200mAh to recharge your Note 7 and other devices. It is a powerful 10W Bluetooth speaker. There’s a microphone for taking calls, buttons for changing songs and a carabiner that lets you strap it to your bag. You can even connect non-phones using 3.5mm, or do Bluetooth pairing using a single tap, thanks to NFC. Awesome.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Qi Wireless Charging Car Holder - Black

3. Samsung Wireless Charging Car Dock

Wireless charging is great on your desk or nightstand, but it’s best of all in the car. Think about it – every time you get in your car, you’ve gotta put the phone in the dock, then plug in the little cable into your phone. In this dock, it’s the dock itself that gets plugged in, so you literally have to do that one time. From then on, just slide your phone into the dock, and it’ll charge, no worries at all.

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Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM Galaxy Note 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

2. Spigen SLIM Glass Screen Protector

The Spigen is a tempered glass screne protector, perfectly curved to fit the Note 7’s expansive screen. The benefit of going for a glass screen protector instead of the more common plastic is that it’s much more resilient to damage, so you’ll have to replace it less often. It also provides better protection against cracks, is easier to apply, and looks better. It is more expensive, but in most guesses it’s worth paying a little extra for.

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Official Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Headset for USB-C & Micro USB

1. Samsung Gear VR headset

Our final and winning entry this time around is the Samsung Gear VR headset, which has been newly redesigned to accommodate the Note 7 and other future USB-C Galaxy smartphones. With this, you can watch live sports and events, experience 360 degree panoramas from across the world, or play the most immersive video games. It’s well worth trying, so check it out!

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