Top 5 Lumia 950 cases on launch

After a long wait, Windows phone fans will welcome the SIM-free Lumia 950 this week. We’re celebrating by looking at the best Lumia 950 cases available — including protective, slim and practical options. Let’s get right into it!

5. FlexiShield Ultra-Thin Gel Case

100% Clear, Black, White, Purple, Blue

We begin with a long-time favourite case of ours, the FlexiShield. This low-cost case is made from a flexible gel material, offering good coverage from scratches while adding minimal bulk to your Lumia. The case is available in clear and coloured versions, so you should be able to find a colour that suits your taste. The case is quite grippy, which should reduce your chance of dropping your phone accidentally – definitely what you want for the first flagship phone from Microsoft in a very long time.


4. Krusell Boras Folio Wallet Case


The Krusell Boras is our first wallet case on the list, but not our last! This is a premium option, made for the Lumia 950 from a synthetic leather-like material that offers good durability and a classic look. The case is available in black, providing professional styling to your phone. The Boras is practical too, with a built-in media stand and four pockets for cash, cards and other important flat things.

3. Olixar Armadillo Protective Case

Blue, Black, Red

The Olixar Armadillo is our protective case of choice, with its armoured exoskeleton providing excellent resistance against drops, knocks and scratches. The case is available in a small range of colours too, from the restrained black to more effusive blue or red shades. The case also includes a stand, which is great for watching films on the 5.2-inch 2K display. If you tend to drop or scratch your phone, then this is the case for you.

2. Olixar Leather-Style Wallet

Brown, Black, White, Red

Our next case is another from Olixar, the Leather-Style Wallet. This case offers a more traditional leather look, with complimentary stitching and without the correspondingly high price tag of the real deal. The case looks great in brown, black, white and red. The case includes two card pockets and a stand, so you’ve got the practical elements covered too. All in all, it’s a solid case for a very reasonable price.

1. Mozo Genuine Leather Back

Cognac, Black, White

Our winning case this time around is the Mozo Genuine Leather Back. This case replaces the original back of the phone, and includes its full capabilities including Qi wireless charging and NFC. The case is one of the lightest you can find for the Lumia 950, and is made to exacting specifications. If you want to dress up your Lumia a little, this is an awesome choice.

For a closer look at Mozo’s leather cases for the Lumia 950, please check out our recent hands-on photos and impressions!


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