A need to know for all Apple fans: What is MFi Certified?

So you’ve heard mutterings of products being ‘MFi Certified’, or perhaps you’ve noticed this logo popping up every now and again…

Mfi Certified logo

But what exactly does it mean?

Well, MFi Certified is short for ‘made for iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch’ Certified. It’s the go-to term for the Apple licensing program. It lets you know that a product has Apple’s official stamp of approval and will work perfectly with an Apple device.

There’s no need to worry about updates

You may have seen the screen below:


If you have, you’ll know it can be a bit of a headache. You’ve purchased an accessory for your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch… installed an Apple update a few months later… only to find an error message appears. At which point a few unsavoury terms are muttered and you start panicking about purchasing a replacement.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean your device is no longer usable. It’s just a message highlighting your accessory isn’t 100% Apple and that you might notice a few hiccups when using it (for further info, check out the blog post Understanding the iPhone Accessory Error Message).

Purchasing an MFi Certified product means that you don’t need to worry about Apple updates causing these messages to appear. It provides peace of mind. You can purchase an MFi Certified product and not have to worry about messages or compatibility issues.

Quality is guaranteed

It also goes without saying that the quality of an Apple approved product is going to be top-notch. So again, you’re provided with peace of mind. If you’re not convinced by the strong reviews or juzzy images, then the MFi Certified icon should help eradicate any concerns.

Types of MFi Certified products

MFi Certified products come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from cases to cables. Our top-selling MFi products include:

So now you should be an aficionado on ‘What is MFi Certified?’ and be fully informed when purchasing accessories for your Apple product.

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