Tech21 iPhone 6 cases in stock now at Mobile Fun

Tech21 have become famous for creating incredibly sturdy cases through superior technology. In fact, they’ve come up with the word ‘impactology’ which describes their process of creating impressive protective smartphone gear. The core of this is D30, a non-Euclidean substance which is normally soft, but instantly hardens when it receives the force of an impact. Now Tech21 are bringing their design and materials to bear on new cases for the iPhone 6 – which are in stock now at Mobile Fun.

Tech21 Classic Trio Band Bumper Case – Black, White

Tech21 Classic Trio Band iPhone 6 Bumper Case - Black    Tech21 Classic Trio Band iPhone 6 Bumper Case - Clear

The Classic Trio is the first of two Tech21 designs for the iPhone 6. The focus here is on minimalism, with a simple yet stylish bumper that covers the edges and corners of your iPhone 6. The case is impregnated with the D3O material, allowing it to provide better impact protection than a more naïve implementation of simple silicone. A clear back design allows you to show off your choice of colour too, making this a fine case for those that appreciate the beauty of Apple’s design.

Tech21 Classic Frame Impact Mesh Case – Smokey, Clear

Tech21 Classic Frame Impact Mesh iPhone 6 Case - Clear    Tech21 Classic Frame Impact Mesh iPhone 6 Case - Smokey

The Classic Frame is the second design, and comes in at a slightly higher price point. For the extra cash, you’ll get more protection, care of a thicker frame made from TPU and impregnated once again with D3O. The case’s raised dotted surface increases grip as well, helping to stop your phone slipping out of your fingers. There’s also a raised lip around the screen, helping to prevent nasty cracks or scratches to the screen.

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