Top 5 Nokia Lumia 635 cases

Today we’re going to have a look at five of the best covers for the Nokia Lumia 635. Let’s get right into the recommendations!

5. Krusell Boden FlipCover WwN – Black

Krusell Nokia Lumia 635 / 630 Boden FlipCover - Black    Krusell Nokia Lumia 635 / 630 Boden FlipCover - Black

The Krusell Boden FlipCover is our first case of the day, offering both style and protection with a contemporary flip form factor. The case includes a elegant front cover made from synthetic materials, with a differently coloured back and side section. The case includes cutouts for all buttons and features, and fits the phone nicely.

4. FlexiShield Gel Case – Purple

Flexishield Nokia Lumia 635 / 630 Gel Case - Purple    Flexishield Nokia Lumia 635 / 630 Gel Case - Purple

The FlexiShield is one of the most popular cases on Mobile Fun. It’s a cheap and cheerful case that offers full coverage of your Lumia 635, protecting from scratches and minor impacts alike. The gel material is flexible and tactile, making it easy to both install the case and hold your phone in your hand with the added grip. The case is available in multiple colours too, so it should be easy to find something that fits your style.

3. Official Nokia Shell – Yellow

Official Nokia Lumia 635 / 630 Shell - Yellow    Official Nokia Lumia 635 / 630 Shell - Yellow

This official Nokia Shell is a nice way of adding some protection to your phone without changings its overall look. The case is bright and eye-catching too, particularly in its yellow colour scheme shown above. The Shell adds good impact protection and defense against scratches, but largely allows the phone to retain its slim dimensions.

2. ToughGuard Rubberised Case – Solid Red

ToughGuard Nokia Lumia 630 / 635 Rubberised Case - Solid Red    ToughGuard Nokia Lumia 635 / 630 Rubberised Case - Black

The ToughGuard is a cool rubberised case which adds a small amount of protection but also a small amount of bulk. Like the FlexiShield, you’ll enjoy added grip once the case is installed, with the rubberised plastic finish making it easy to hold onto your phone. The case leaves the top and bottom of the phone free, which is comfortable. A nice budget choice.

1. Encase ArmourDillo Protective Case – Orange

Armourdillo Hybrid Nokia Lumia 630 Protective Case - Orange    Armourdillo Hybrid Nokia Lumia 630 Protective Case - Red

The Encase ArmourDillo is the most protective case on this list, and our winner today. The case includes a impact-resistant polycarbonate exoskeleton, which provides considerable rigidity and shock protection. The case comes in some awesome colours as well, from the orange shown above to blue, black, red, green and purple. A great case for a great price.


So there you have it – five great cases for the Nokia Lumia 635! Be sure to let us know what you think of the cases, and if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!