Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx for LG G3 and Galaxy S5 launched

Today we’re announcing a new case for two leading Android smartphones: the Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx for the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5. These hard cases offer an incredible amount of protection for either phone, with four layers of protection using the finest synthetic materials. Let’s take a look.

Four layers deep

Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx Samsung Galaxy S5 Hard Case - Black    Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx Samsung Galaxy S5 Hard Case - Black

The Tough Jacket Maxx uses a four layer design to protect your smartphone. First, there’s an inner silicone shell which wraps around your phone and absorbs shocks. This is covered with an impact-resistant hard shell. A shock absorbent polymer is the final layer, protecting against scratches and dispersing impact shocks around the phone. The fourth layer is a replaceable tough screen protector, which prevents scratches to the screen. With this combination of layers, your phone will have some of the best protection on the market.

Ballistic corners

Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx LG G3 Hard Case - Black    Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx LG G3 Hard Case - Black

The case also includes larger ballistic corners, designed to be the first bits of the case to hit the ground. These reinforced areas provide extra shock protection where you need it most. The corners also raise the screen from the surface of the tablet, ensuring that the screen isn’t scratched. Combined with the replaceable screen protector, your screen should stay in perfect condition for as long as you have the phone.

Detachable belt clip holster

Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx LG G3 Hard Case - Black    Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx LG G3 Hard Case - Black

Each case comes with a detachable plastic holder with a belt clip, allowing you to easily keep your G3 or Galaxy S5 at your hip for easy access, without the need to place your phone in your pocket. Of course, you’re also free to not use the belt clip holster if you don’t want it.


So there we have it – one of the most impressively protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG G3. For more information and to place your pre-order, please visit the product pages linked below:

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