Take control of your smartphone games with these handy joysticks

Smartphone Joystick    Smartphone Joystick

Mobile phones and tablets have brought a new gaming revolution, with the keyboard and controller paradigms of yesteryear playing second fiddle to touch screens and accelerometers on these gadgets. Yet sometimes touch controls just aren’t precise enough, and to really excel you need to go back to these earlier input methods. It’s possible to get a full-blown controller and hook it up to your phone or tablet, but sometimes that’s just not necessary.

Instead, just grab one or two of these tiny joysticks and attach them directly to the screen with their suction cup. Once attached, moving the joystick will produce an effect on the screen below, letting you play touch-screen games with ease. You’ll be able to control your game much more cleanly, making it easier to score headshots or juke past defenders. You’ll get tactile feedback, and the same easy controls that you’d find on retro arcade cabinets to modern console controllers… and all without batteries, pairing, setup or hassle. Just stick and play. And when you want to play a different game or stop entirely, it’s simple to unstick the suction cups and re-attach when you want to play again.

Smartphone Joystick    Smartphone Joystick

The Smartphone Joystick is made from milled aluminium, granting a perfect feel and long-lasting durability. Each joystick is tiny too, so you can easily keep a couple in your pocket or in your bag. The joysticks are sold in packs of one or two, and even with two you’ll be paying the fraction of the cost of a traditional mobile phone controller. One will allow you to play games designed around a single thumb stick, while two will let you play shooters and other dual-stick games.

The smartphone joysticks provide an easy middle ground between touch screen controls and a traditional console-style game controller. For more information on these helpful joysticks, please visit the product pages linked below:

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