Spigen announce iPhone 6 cases ahead of official launch

The iPhone 6 is coming soon, and Spigen are wasting no time in getting cases ready for the hotly anticipated handset. The Korean company has already produced a range of iPhone 6 cases, and they look fantastic. Let’s see what they’ve announced so far!

Spigen have prepared four cases for the iPhone 6 in multiple colours, making for 18 unique combinations. These are:

Each case looks to fit the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 perfectly, with all of the features of the phone looking exactly as rumoured. The cases include cutouts wherever necessary to keep all elements of the phone easily accessible. That includes a lock button on the right hand side (moved from the top) and a headphone jack on the bottom of the phone (moved from the top). There’s even a window for the Apple logo on the back of the phone, so you’re able to wield your newly enlarged model iPhone with as much style as the original.

The cases are a perfect style match as well, with some gorgeous metallic colour options on the table. The dark gunmetal gray is definitely my taste, but the other options – silver, gold, blues, greens and blacks – are also fine choices that’ll allow your iPhone 6 to stand out from the crowd without losing the industrial elegance that Apple bake into each of their phones.

No matter your budget, there should be a Spigen iPhone 6 case that’ll suit ya. The Thin Fit and Thin Fit A are two lower cost options, with a thin, lightweight build that emphasises convenience over protection – although you’ll still find good scratch resistance and light impact resistance here. The standard Fit comes in metallic colours and has a window for the Apple logo, while the Fit A comes in more colourful shades and doesn’t include the window.

The next step up is the Ultra Hybrid, which is available as a simply transparent case that allows the industrial design of the iPhone inside to shine through. The case adds protection without changing the look of the phone, and this makes it one of our most highly recommended covers for the iPhone 6. There are other opaque colours following the same design, too.

The top end of the lineup is the Spigen Tough Armour, which provides unparalleled protection for the as-of-yet unannounced iPhone 6. Air cushion corners are able to absorb even the mightiest of impacts, while a 1.5mm lip around the periphery of the screen ensures that no harm can come to the screen from knocks and bumps. Despite this protection, the Tough Armour remains one of the lightest cases on the market – not a bad combination at all.

All of these Spigen cases and more will be coming soon for the iPhone 6. For more information, please visit the product pages linked below once again:

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