Repair and recover your water-damaged phone with the Reviveaphone Kit

Reviveaphone Water Damage Smartphone Rescue Kit    Reviveaphone Water Damage Smartphone Rescue Kit

There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve dropped your precious smartphone in water – whether that’s in the sink, the pool or even the toilet. Unless you’ve bought a water resistant phone like the Galaxy S5 or Xperia Z2, you’re looking at a costly repair that won’t be covered by your warranty. Of course, it’s also possible to attempt repairs yourself – and we’ve got just the kit for it… Introducing the Reviveaphone Water Damage Smartphone Rescue Kit.

The idea behind the Reviveaphone is that it gives you everything you need to rescue and repair a water-damaged smartphone in the comfort of your phone.

Reviveaphone Water Damage Smartphone Rescue Kit    Reviveaphone Water Damage Smartphone Rescue Kit

It’s very easy to use, too, with five simple steps that should repair your phone in 24 hours. Your phone will be immersed in a solution that washes off corrosive minerals from your phone’s circuitry, then placed in a moisture-absorbing tray to complete the repair. There’s no need to take apart your phone or do anything else challenging – it’s just a case of following the simple steps with the items provided.

Reviveaphone Water Damage Smartphone Rescue Kit

The Reviveaphone kit was on Dragon’s Den and recommended by Kelly Hoppen MBE, so you know it’s a proven solution. Of course, not all smartphones are recoverable, but with an estimated success rate of 90% this inexpensive kit is definitely worth a go.

To order your own Reviveaphone, please visit the product page linked below. You can also see more information on the kit and the specific steps that you’ll be able to perform to recover your phone.

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